Create your own waves with Surftek

New technologies bring game improvement to the next level. Lovers of water sports, especially surfers, can develop and improve their skills in surfing by using surftek. This innovative surfboard was launched in 1989 by Surftek.

About Surftek

Originating from the surfing world of South Africa, boards are designed and engineered by factory staff to replicate the traditional surfing and its corresponding exhilaration minus the need for any oceanic waves and/or topology. Unlike the usual board used in surfing, Since the Surftek is jet-powered; no wave is required for the ride. So it does not require any wave. When you are riding this board, you are the wave. Imagine the wide area you can cover as surfing the board is possible anywhere, in the lakes, the ocean or even a pond that is big enough to move around. The company employed the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques available to create the perfect surfboard.

Why do you prefer a Surftek Surfboard and not a Jet ski?

For many water sport enthusiasts, Jet Ski is ultimate in fun and performance on the water. They do not know that Surftek’s jet propelled surfboards is more fun on the water bringing them to the next level of excitement.

1) Basically, maintenance is free! It engine has 4-stroke engine, so no need to mix the fuel. You just need to change the oil and spark plug every hundred hours of ride time. No other need for maintenance.

2) They are highly portable! Surfboard is only around 180 pounds unlike a Jet Ski or seadoo that you transport with a trailer. Two people can carry it but three can carry it comfortably. If you prefer to self-launched,  it is easily portable using a beach dolly. It can easily fit at the back of your SUV or truck.

3) They are highly cost effective! As a stroke engine, the fuel burns extremely efficiently and cleanly which is beneficial to both your wallet and the environment. The 6 L gas tank of the board will get you about 4-5 hours’ worth of ride time! It approximate cost is about $10 for the day.

4) No need for any surfing experience! Unlike other jet propelled surfboards on the market, you are require to know how to surf, But using Surftek’s boards are for any genre and ne experience required. Anyone can ride these boards as they are safe and buoyant in the water. You do not need to move to get up on them. So both young and old can enjoy creating their own waves.

Surftek Surfboard

There are many types, brands and technology used in Surftek Surfboard. Surfboards have all types, brands and technology. Among the types are: Longboard; Shortboard; Funboard; and others. Among the brands are: NSP; Surftech; Channel Islands; etc.  Among the technology are: TufLite-PC; ASA (Softops); Elements; and lots more.  The board is made of carbon filler and uses rubber spray printing. You get a fine touch feeling from its semi-glossy surface. Its elegant appearance adds to its sleek look. Appearance is elegant. It has fine features: abrasion scrape resistance, weather resistance and wear resistance.

Improve your skill in water and enjoy this water sports. Just be sure you have the best kind of surftek board. For more information, link with



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