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Flying adventure with flyboards
Fly on water using your very own flyboard! This magnificent device is available at the As your preferred online ѕtоrе, Surfskatefly sells and supports all devices used water sports as еlесtriс-ѕkаtеbоаrdѕ, flyboards and jеt-роwеrеd ѕurfbоаrdѕ.
What is a flyboard?
It is a device that uses propulsion to drive the board up into the air flying over water. Connected to a long hose linked to a watercraft, the rider stands on a board. Under pressure, water is forced to a boot pair by using jet nozzles below. Strong thrust propel rider to fly up to a distance of 15 meters or 49 feet in the air or to make a headlong dive through the water down to 2.5 meters or 8 feet.
How flyboards work?
The rider in general, is the prime controller of everything in the Flyboard excluding the amount of power it is receiving. The power portion of the entire work is controlled by a Jet Ski certified instructor. Regardless of the power part, the rider still controls his/her height by how the board is shifted and controls indefinitely the direction by how the board is balanced. But logistic proves that by itself the Jet Ski is powerless as the power is pushed through the Fly Board making the rider in control of direction of the Jet Ski since it is towed behind the direction the Flyboard is flying.
Flyboarding tips for beginners
1. Before you start, stand at a safe distance away from your wave runner. Follow all instructions given by your guide.

2. Wear safety gears that are not eye=catching but s requirement to keep you safe.
3. All safety gears are tight to the body like the body suit and the helmet; the most important are the boots.

4. While boarding, it is essential to maintain the right balance. Listen to the instructions from your guide to know the right posture so you don´t lose your balance. Stand upright bending knees slightly forward, but never toward the back.
5. Make sure your body and mind are relaxed when fly boarding.
6. Do not engage in fly boarding during high-tide and high wind. Relax your body and mind when fly boarding for the first time

7. Fly boarding is not safe for pregnant women and also for those people who are under a slight effect of alcohol.

For some it might come as tough to maintain a balance when up in the sky but don’t give up. It will pay off!
Why buy from surfskatefly?
Flyboarding is fun and once you do it successfully you would like to try new pirouettes like an expert. Get accustomed to the basic level and you will be more comfortable before going to a higher level.
What set this company apart from others are their products, people and presentation. To simplify their position: they believe that in every experience you have in surf boards, their goal is to hear your complete satisfaction in their product!
Purchase your fly board from ѕurfѕkаtеflу.соm, so you get the best and the safest gears. The have industry experience of over 4 decades selling the high quality product like fly boards. It is so durable that you can pass your fly board to the forthcoming generations.
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