By munna

In land or water, AquAtv is your watercraft

Today sports enthusiasts want to experience challenges and thrills to the optimum level that sports gadgets are being invented to satisfy their desires. Surfskatefly com: your best online ѕtоrе for watersports is proud to introduce its latest product, the AquAtv.

What AquAtv is?

AquAtv is a 4-stroke amphiquad converted into a personal watercraft. The  AquAtv can attain 45 mph speed in water and land. The ride is comfortable and performance is fast due to its composite lightweight hull; its low center of gravity and wide track give and stability on land and water. After pushing a button, it takes only five seconds to transition the watercraft from land to the water.


  • More freedom in riding AquAtv

The AquAtv brings more excitement and thrills than other rides. No need for you to decide between taking the trail or water. Many opportunities are opening up for you to discover and explore. Ride your watercraft, relish the freedom and leave the boundaries behind!

  • More flexibility: either land or water

AquAtv like an authentic amphibian is equally fast on land and water. Simply touch switch to retract the wheels after getting into the water and deploy the vehicle as you approach land. The transfer is easy and quick so you have time to enjoy both land and water.

  • More thrills, more excitement and more fun

A unique and exhilarating experience awaits your ride in AquAtv for it is one that satisfies your sense of adventure. Just imagine the ability to run a speed of 45 mph on both land and water. The vehicle delivers spirited and stable performance. From running along trail to beach, you are experiencing a ground-breaking kind of excitement and fun.


  1. The engine is powerful and efficient making it the core of the AquAtv. The power plant of patented engine is durable and lightweight that provides up to 140 horsepower. It enables speeds of 45 mph on land and water creating an unforgettable riding experience.
  2. Suspension provide transition

The revolutionary retractable suspension of AquAtv provides a performance that is the transfer from ATV ride to personal watercraft in not more than five seconds. AquAtv is robust but its aluminum-alloy suspension is lightweight that protects the riders from the elements while an exhilarating ride waits both on land and water.

  1. Light weight composite hull

Performance and comfort are the result of the AquAtv’s composite lightweight hull. It has a solid surface for planning and provides excellent stability at the lateral side responsively control the water. In land mode, the low center of gravity gives AquAtv a smooth, surefooted feel and nimble handling.

  1. Compact jet drive

AquAtv features water jet patented drive that is more compact and lighter than those found on a typical watercraft. This design that is inventive offers thrust of high levels in planing speed in seconds, along with easily the maneuvered in a variety of on-water conditions.

AquAtv is the world’s first high speed sports amphibians that enhance the freedom, flexibility and fun of personal power sports while without compromise running between land and water. Either a land or sea in your AquAtv is still in a great adventure.

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