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All you need to know about SurfSkateFly

With summer coming over, So, Are you excited about spending the whole weekend on the beach flaunting your beach body and having fun with surfing? Don’t you miss the feel of the breeze through your hair while skating on your skateboard? You must be worried about the maintenance of upgrading your old surfboard and jet ski. But don’t worry at all, SurfSkateFly has got your back. We are a Canada based company that specializes in designing and developing electric skateboards, surfboards, and fly boards.

Highly professional and expert staff

We have highly professional and expert staff that have the right technique and experience in this field. You can put your trust in surfskatefly and forget about the quality and all the reservations that you might have regarding your skateboard, flyboard, and surfboard.
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Quality is a priority.

When you Mount aboard, you put your life in a serious threat. It is risky to speed on board whether it is the road, water, or air, but you can be sure of your safety if the board that you’re on is made up of good quality. Make sure that the quality of the board is good enough to bear your weight and deal with any casualties that might occur. Surfskatefly takes great care of the quality because they believe in safety first.


We take pride in creating innovative products that bring ease and comfort your way.  For a demonstration, we have fused a jet ski and a surfboard to create a jet surfboard, that is for sure more exciting and attractive.

Lightweight and attractive

We aim at providing products that are not just good at quality but also look pleasant and appealing to the eyes. You are definitely going to be the center of attention at the beach, the road, and even in the air, if you own one of our boards.

Highly professional technicians

Surfskatefly has a very organized and experienced team of technicians that know every bit of this field very well. We aim at bringing the best on the board so that you get maximum output. When you have the skill, it takes little effort and time to produce a product that is worth the hype.

Don’t want to invest right now? Just rent it

What can be better than renting a board and testing it? If you find it cool, you won’t hesitate to purchase it right away. And if you don’t like it, you get to know that you made the right decision not to spend the money on it.

Portability and conveyance

The best thing about our skateboard, fly boards, and surfboards is that they’re highly portable. So, You can take it with you wherever you want to; they’re extremely easy to handle. You don’t have to put a lot of effort and time into its maintenance.

Great reviews and feedback

You can be sure of your choice by going through the reviews on our website. We are happy to announce that you won’t be disappointed and end up choosing the best product and never regret your decision.

Amazing customer service

We claim to be the kind of online store that provides great customer service because we believe that success lies in the satisfaction of the customer. We listen to your complaints and demands as well as take the right actions, too, in time.


As SurfSkateFly has all the qualities of a trustworthy online company, just place your order and get ready to have an exciting summer.

SurfSkateFly specializes in motorized surfboards and flyboards to provide you with a unique experience in creating your waves and surfing your biggest desires.

Welcome to the most recognized, reliable and user friendly Jet Surfboard provider. Our staff members are made up of highly qualified engineers who have already developed some high end technology Jet powered Surfboards available on our store section page. When compared to other models on the market, our product stands out because we have designed an environmentally friendly ECOTEK engine that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. As an added advantage, all our models are recognized in most recreational facilities so you can be sure of our reliability.

SurfSkateFly, Create Your Wave!

3200 Surf Boards Delivered
2000 Customers worldwide
10 Years of experience
10000000 Waves Created


SurfSkateFly is a technologically advanced company that brings you the latest trends when it comes to water, land, and air sports.  Whether it’s our jet-powered surfboards, electric skateboards, or fly boards that you choose, we assure you of an exhilarating experience and an adrenaline rush of excitement. Now you can ride the waves all year round in an environmentally friendly way.

Indulge into sheer verve by getting onto an electric jet surfboard Canada with us. Offering exemplary ride above crystalline waters through unique jet surfboards, we let our visitors enjoy a different atmosphere of sporting. The best electric surfboards we provide are available for all ages and accommodates first-timers as well as professional surfers. With our surfboards you are assured of a brand new experience. You can also buy jet surfboards as we also kit out jet-powered surfboard for sale at optimal prices. Our motorized surfboards are great fits for all men and women as it offers optimal speed for a great surfing experience.



SurfSkateFly is a Canadian/US company that develops electric and gas-powered surfboards, each designed for different surfing styles. The advanced board features an integrated jet propulsion system, and the Eco-Tek engine is environmentally friendly, producing far less emissions than any other personal watercraft device and thereby ensuring our pristine lakes for future generations.


Ride in a quiet and eco-friendly environment.  This is possible because our electric jet propulsion system doesn’t disturbs neither animals nor other people. With its lightweight, handling of the Surftek Powered Surfboard, it is completely effortless to jump waves.


When it comes to safety, Surftek Surfboards is the name to remember. Our key priority is to keep the safety of the products as high as possible, for everyone and everything on and in the vicinity of the board. That’s why the battery and all motor parts are fitted into a carbon-fiber-aluminum composite case. And just in case you might lose control an automated emergency stop mechanism will ensure that the power to the motor is shut off immediately. We combine the latest technology to keep you safe, even in the most hostile surfing environment.