Take Your Skateboard Craze Out On the Streets or Off road – Introducing an Exclusive Remote Powered Skateboard


Hop on it; give it a push with one leg, and you are off to a ride.

Skateboard is a device that people use in sports, along with being a mode of transportation.

The action and thrill that comes with skateboarding are unmatched, and even though the culture of skateboarding is at an all-time low, innovation is changing the game.

What Is New?

Skateboards have evolved. You don’t need to ride them manually now.

Thanks to the technological advances, you can now glide on streets with the help of Remote Controlled Skateboards.

Skateboards today are not plain. You can charge them and travel for several kilometers, uninterrupted. Sure, that sounds like a Mini Tesla now.

If you are a beginner and want to get started with skateboarding, then Quadtron Electric Skateboard is undoubtedly the skateboard for you.

Quadtron Electric Skateboard

When it comes to a Quadtron electric skateboard, certain factors separate this beauty from other clichéd skateboards.

These things are:


Quadtron offers speed levels that you can control. Whether you are out on the street or just having fun with your friends, a maximum of 31 mph speed of Quadtron makes it easy for you to ride smoothly, without any fear. You can travel up to 50 km/hr on this new generation smart skateboard.

2-Charging Power

We all hate gadgets that take extra charging time and don’t even last for an hour. While other remote-controlled skateboards take up to 8 hours of charging time, Quadtron electric skateboard takes only 6 hours of charging. Another fun fact is that you can travel for more than 30 kilometers on a fully charged battery. Even if you are using this skateboard for transportation purposes, this amount of coverage per one charge will last for days.


Quadtron has four wheels or support. Beginner’s fear that they will fall and hurt themselves on skateboards is a myth when it comes to Quadtron. Sure, you will need some practice at the start, but once you get the hang of it, the rest will automatically follow. Another fun fact: Quadtron Electric Skateboard supports up to 330 lbs of weight, and that is amazing.

4-Material and Design

The material of the skateboard should be of top-notch quality, and the design should be aesthetically pleasing. Good for you, Quadtron offers both. The jet black design with LED Strip lights is classy and modern. The board is of Canadian maple wood, will rubber wheels. It is beyond a doubt that the overall material and designing in on point.


Quadtron Electric Skateboard offers everything and more, what one expects from an electric skateboard. You can ride this skateboard on all kinds of surfaces. It is definitely worth a view.

The Aqua-Tron Electric SurfBoard By SurfSkateFly

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer, the most frustrating thing is having to wait for the perfect wave before you can dive in and surf. With the introduction of Aqua-Tron Electric Jet Surfboard, you can say goodbye to the frustration of having to depend on nature. In a sense, this world-class powered jet surfboard sets you free from the limitations and unpredictability of nature. It allows you to quench your thirst for thrilling and adventurous escapades at any time. As one of the surfboards developed by SurfSkateFly, the company’s obsession with perfection is evident in every aspect of Aqua-Tron. This is why Aqua-Tron is the best high-performance electric surfboard in the market. You can never go wrong with Aqua-Tron electric jet surfboard.


Why is Aqua-Tron the Right Electric Surfboard for You?

When it comes to choosing the right electric jet surfboard for you, the best option should meet your unique adventure needs. The right powered jet surfboard for you should be suitable to serve your unique needs, versatile enough to push your surfing skills to the limit, and durable for you to get value for money.


In terms of suitability, Aqua-Tron electric jet surfboard was designed impeccably with an eco-friendly motor that eliminates the complexities in surfing to provide the opportunity for all thrill-seeks to surf just like pros. Whether you are a newbie, average surfer, or a pro, Aqua-Tron electric jet surfboard is suitable. It can meet the needs and expectations of all thrill-seekers. For starters, you don’t have to wait for the perfect wave. Where there is water, Aqua-Tron will create the wave you need to surf. Also, it can carry up to 220 lbs. (100 kg) as the maximum rider weight. With Aqua-Tron, you can power across the ocean, focusing on your thrill for about one hour, which is more than substantial for any thrill-seeker. The total weight of Aqua-Tron, including the battery, is 30 kg (66 lbs.) and is one of the lightest all-electric jet surfboards.


Aqua-Tron strikes a perfect balance between design and power to offer unrivaled versatility. The design of this powered jet surfboard is perfectly streamlined to enhance your experience and performance. This electric jet surfboard is powered by a 72V lithium battery that exploits advanced technology to release power quickly. With a 10,000-Watt motor under your feet, you can go from zero to 37Mph (60Km/h) within a few seconds. The battery can be swapped quickly, ensuring that you spend more time out on the water doing what you love to do. You’ll only have to recharge for 1 hr. to 1 ½ hr. tops before you go out on the water again.


As a surfer, you don’t want a surfboard that will break down before you get your money’s worth of fun, adventure, and thrill. Right? Durability is an important factor to consider because salty water is highly corrosive. Aqua-Tron is made using carbon fiber, which guarantees your surfboard’s durability. With a battery life of approximately 3 to 4 years for 1000 charges and discharges, you don’t have to worry about the durability of the power source.


At SurfSkateFly, we take pride in every board we manufacture and always pushing for perfection. We encourage you to exploit and experience the endless opportunities for adventure out there on the water offered by Aqua-Tron electric jet surfboard. Visit https://surfskatefly.com/product/aqua-tron-electric-jet-surfboard/ to learn more.




The Quad-Tron AWD Electric Skateboard by Surf Skate Fly

Normal electric skateboards provided adrenaline junkies with new frontiers to conquer but restricted thrill-seekers on pavements and sleek roads, which limited the level of adventure. To address this limitation, innovative companies like Surf Skate Fly decided to take e-skateboards to the next level by delivering all-terrain electric skateboards. The latest all-terrain e-skate in the market is the Quad-Tron AWD electric skateboard by Surf Skate Fly.

Quad-Tron AWD Electric Skateboard

What Makes the Quad-Tron AWD Electric Skateboard so Unique?

As an all-terrain electric skateboard, Surf-Skate Fly designed the Quad-Tron to push the limit on speed, stability, power, and control, making it the world’s most advanced electric skateboard for all-terrain. With the introduction of Quad-Tron, thrill-seekers and adventurous souls can access limitless adventure far beyond the tarmac and pavements. If kicking up some dirt at super speeds with the fresh air whipping your face is the kind of thrill you’re aching for, Quad-Tron was made with you in mind. From wheels to bearings, suspension system, motor power, and remote control, all these moving parts and technologies come together seamlessly in Quad-Tron to deliver the highest level of thrill and adventure you’re seeking. Now you have an opportunity for limitless adventure without the worry of running out of road. This is why Quad-Tron is unique and superior to other options in the market.

Quad-Tron Strikes the Perfect Balance to Deliver Legendary Adventure

When it comes to all-terrain adventure, you need all the parts of your electric skateboard to contribute fully. You need speed, stability, and control for you to take all the turns and sharp corners in rough terrain at alarming speeds without losing your balance. In terms of speed, you need an electric skateboard with perfectly sized wheels, impeccably designed bearings, and a powerful motor to quench your thrill desires. The wheel size of Quad-Tron is 200×50 MM, making it one of the largest in the all-terrain electric skateboard market. It is designed with advanced 4x74mm brushless planetary gear motor that pushes on the limits of speed. With the large wheel size, advanced bearing system, and ultra-high power and torque gear motor, Quad-Tron can attain a top speed of 50km/h (31mph).

Stability is of uttermost importance when you’re flying at 31mph across rugged terrain. Your safety, as well as the level of thrill, relies on having a stable e-board under your feet. So, how does Quad-Tron deliver on stability? For starters, this all-terrain electric skateboard is fitted with state of the art spring suspension system that provides the highest level of stability and a comfortable, smooth ride. With the level 5 shock absorption effect, Quad-Tron electric skateboard is undeniably ahead of the competition. For control, your adventure will benefit from an automated wireless remote control. Quad-Tron’s control system is designed with a smart electric braking system and smart speed-monitoring technology using remote sensors. Unlike other alternatives, Quad-Tron all-wheel-drive electric skateboard allows you to switch instantly from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive with a single flick. Sometimes, you need your all-wheel-drive electric skateboard to take care of everything for you to have a great time. To this end, this motorized skateboard allows you to exploit its cruise control system and just focus on the ride. The seamless coming together of all these ingredients of a memorable and legendary adventure makes Quad-Tron a must-have if you seek to limitless all-terrain thrill and adventure.

While offering limitless thrill and adventure in all-terrain is important, you also need a long-lasting battery, strong deck, and practical accessories for you to have a good time. Quad-Tron is made from aircraft-grade materials and double drop 9 ply maple wood that supports up to 330 lbs. (150 kg). It has a powerful battery of 864W that offers up to 24 miles (38 km) uninterrupted adventure. You can recharge and get back to your thrills within 4 to 5 hrs. With Quad-Tron, you’re not limited by terrain or time of day since it can climb a grade of 45% to 60% and is fitted with front, rear, and under deck lights.


Why settle for inferior e-boards when you can have the best that delivers all the thrills you desire. Quad-Tron offers both on-road and off-road adventure for limitless all-terrain adventure. To learn more, visit https://surfskatefly.com/

Should you Purchase a surfboard at a local store on online

Since the development of the internet, the convenience and affordability of ordering surf products and purchasing online surfboards have become much easier. Some individuals feel it might be better to buy a surfboard at your local surf shop so you can touch it, pick it up and feel it, and chat face to face with a sales representative on the price of the goods.

One downside might be that there is a limited supply of surfboards in your local surf shop. This is because the inventory needs substantial cash outlays. Most retail surf shops focus on clothing as their key product emphasis, while limiting their inventory of surfboards to a few styles and designs. This also applies to most online surf shops, but they do not usually have to hold inventory and drop ship their surfboards from different surfboard crafters and manufacturers. Possibly there are a number of retail surf shops within 10 to 20 miles of your surf city, which will give you more opportunities to buy the surfboard you’re looking for.

You have a very large range of surfboards online, probably more than you’ll get from your local surfing area. You can search for surfboards by style and design, as well as through “online surfboard shops,” and you will most likely find several one-stop surf shops with a large range of good surfboards.

Over the years, many people have been too busy at the local surf shops to go shopping for a surfboard, bodyboard or SUP. It takes a long time and a lot of investigation. More often than not, if you take the time to go to your local surf shop, the surf shop will have a very limited selection which means you will have to head to another shop in hopes of finding what you want. Another downside is that the sales personnel will put pressure on you and seek to force you to buy one of their surfboards even though it doesn’t suit your needs. This is especially true for surfboard riders, beginners and novices.

Most surf shops sell surfboards and other styles and designs of surfboards that are made by their local manufacturers so buyer’s choices are very limited. Some of these producers make very good surfboards, but be careful as you can end up with an unsuitable surfboard. These shops are usually limited by the funds available and have a small inventory of surfboards on hand. They have large collections of t-shirts, board shorts, sweatshirts, tank tops, and other types of apparel, which are the standard of their sales.

Online surfboard shops have been in vogue ever since the advent of the internet. It took a long time for this to happen but eventually, the buyers have become more confident going online and looking for a surfboard of their choice. There are also several online surfboard stores that will offer you a wide variety of styles and designs for surfboards.

If you live in a remote area and are looking for some of the surfboard styles or designs you can’t get in that locality, shopping online can be a huge advantage. Many businesses provide a window where you can return their goods if they don’t suit your needs or if there is any harm to the shipment.

One thing that is really important is to ask questions when buying from an online surfboard service if you have any. You will be able to converse with an expert as well. Any good online business on the Internet will have an expert on its team for you to search. Do your homework before placing your order, before you contact an online surf service.


You can get all your jet-powered and electric surfboards from our website www.surfskatefly.com. We have the latest surfboards and skateboard on the market and we assure you the best customer experience. Visit us today and you will be happy you did.

Jet Boarding – A Fun New Sport

Jet boarding is not a new sport in particular, but one which is only beginning to gain broader recognition. Powder skiing, as it is sometimes called, is when you play with a jet-enter in the open water. It’s a combination of waterskiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, and surfing all in one amazingly enjoyable activity. The jet-entry itself is a jet-powered surfboard on which you are standing, and it can propel you at speeds of up to 70 km/h. It’s one of those sports that is easy enough for even the beginner to figure it out, but it’s demanding enough to entertain.

Jet boarding is a rare mix of sailing when attempting to guide a board on which you’re standing. Because it’s jet-driven, the likeliness of staying the first few times you’re trying to is low. However, you get the hang of it once you give it a few goes. People who have tried it say that the funniest thing about the sport is that you are standing on a board and being pushed by your own momentum on the surface over the shore. Not only is it fun, but standing up is easy enough that with some practice, anyone can eventually do it, and those who are experienced riders still come back for more because it’s so much fun.

Half the jet boarding fun just drops off. You will try to do it in a different way each time you get up again because it is made up of so many different sports. There is no way to jet-enter right or wrong, which makes it half the fun. Since jet boarding is considered the water sport of the new millennium, it is not just about a gaming sport. There are no tournaments, it’s not recognized worldwide as waterskiing or surfing, and there’s no way to set rules for playing such a game as jet boarding incorporates so many different water sports.

The Jet Board has an easy-to-use control designed to help teach balance and buoyancy in the ride so that keeping afloat is not a problem. Having to take turns at high speed and having to do all manner of cool tricks while jet boarding is what makes it such a fun experience for experienced water sports enthusiasts. Learning to take a turn at 70 km/h by using your hand as a hydroplane with your feet squarely in front of you instead of underneath is a fun experience that any water sports enthusiast should try at least once. Certain tricks enjoyed by many experienced jet boarders include nose riding, tandem riding, wave riding, and even wave sailing, which is the greatest challenge for any plane.

So far, first-time riders have a 100 percent stand-up score. Even though. The only thing that jet boarding can say would be to stand up for the first time. It’s not as seamless as you would imagine, as fun as this new water sport is! You can get all you Jet powered surfboards from http://www.surfskatefly.com. We have all the latest and technologically advanced surfboards to meet your needs. Happy Shopping


Ride On The AQUATRON Jet Surfboard

In life, where you want to explore so many other things, it becomes crucial to go deeper into the oceans too. By just looking at ocean water does not give that pleasant feeling which a surfer can experience through surfing on its waves.
Waves of water are waiting for someone adventurous, someone that is strong enough to enjoy its ride. Someone that comes with the best surfing board. And the best surfboard is, that can give you, speed, safety, and fun.
SurfSkateFly believes in providing not only adventurous ride’s on waves but also cares about your safety and security. We consider you as our family and want to give you the best surfboards that will make your surfing experience memorable.
As we are living in the digital world where speed is everything, so, for saving the precious time of people we have AquaTron Electric Powered Surfboard that is efficient, amazing, innovative and powerful.
Aqua Tron Electric Powered Surfboard has a Top speed of 60Km/h Max, 45-55 Min ride time and 60-90 Min battery charge time that means it’s one of the perfect surfboards to enjoy the ride on oceans or lakes.
This surfboard is all about a power ride on waves of water, with a strong grip and comfortable design.
This electric surfboard is designed for superior, amazing acceleration with sharp corners that enables a surfer to surf like a rock star.
The Aqua Tron Electric Powered Surfboard provides an adventurous ride not only to sports athletes but also to juniors and newbies.
So choose this innovative, amazing, shark type surfing board and go for a speedy, amazing, comfortable oceans’ ride.

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Buy this amazing, speedy, stylish and comfortable surfboard.

Beat the waves with our motorized surfboards!


Paving the way through waves challenging the power of water is what excites a surfer the most. The splashes of water and the swing of waves take you on a thrilling ride that fills your heart with excitement and is a joy to watch. Getting a perfect surfboard to pair up with your smooth surfboarding skills is like a jackpot. And with Surfskatefly, you can win that jackpot!

A wide range of motorized surfboards

Motorized surfboards and gas-powered surfboards are our specialties. We are here to serve you better and make your adventure more thrilling and at the same time a secure experience. With our premium quality motorized surfboards, you don’t need to go visit a beach to enjoy surfing, any water body near you would do.

We have quality powered surfboards that are crafted to meet every surfer’s needs and skills. A range of our electric surfboards are made up of Military-grade materials and possess an extremely powerful Surftek engine which helps you get your way with the waves.

An electric surfboard so smart!

With our smartly designed electric surfboards, you can create your own wave, i.e. you can surf on calmer water bodies too. You don’t have to depend upon the waves by the sea. Sounds fun, right?

These electric surfboards are lightweight and very much portable. The advanced Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI) technology lets you surf even on the calmest water bodies.

Surfing with the speed of light

Speed is fun and it thrills every surfer. With our high-quality range of electric surfboards, enjoy surfing at a great speed. Surftek Stealth Electric surfboard is the world’s first high-speed and long-range electric jet surfboard. Experience what it feels like to fly with the waves with our powerful surfboards. Surfboards made with a powerful combination of the most recent and advanced technology and the love for surfing, these powered surfboards let you sail smoothly through the waves with a speed as high as 37 miles an hour. A sensationalized surfing experience is what you’ll feel with our electric surfboards which are loaded with super-charged lithium long-range batteries.

Enjoy 90 minutes of water adventure with the powerful Stealth Electric surfboard’s advanced batteries. Easily charged, this battery offers you a life span of 1000 charges.

Hydrofoil for those who dream of flying through the waves

Cut through the waters with electrifying speed. Buy the fastest hydrofoil from Surfskatefly and fly through the waves. The 2500w motor of Surftek Hydrofoil lets you cut through the extreme water bodies with great speed. With a charge time of as low as 2.5 hours, Surftek Hydrofoil is your best choice.

For all those who love to dance with the waves and sway with their flow, Surfskatefly is there, to gift them the best and the safest tools to enjoy to the fullest.



The wings that you need to roll through the streets: Motorized Skateboards

Life minus sports and adventure is nothing. Adventures not only thrill us but make us feel alive. Sports are the best form of recreation one can enjoy. They help you stay fit and let your relax. Outdoor sports such as skateboarding is as fun to practice as it is to watch. It proves as an excellent means of recreation.

Youngsters especially are inclined towards skateboarding as it makes them look cool and might get them a girlfriend! Riding down the lane, riding uphill and doing some goofy tricks are just some elements of skateboarding. There is a lot more to this adventurous sport than this.

Only a true skateboarder can understand the importance of a good skateboard. Just like you need a strong weapon to defeat enemies in battle, you need a good skateboard to have a smooth skateboarding experience.

Surfskatefly wants every skateboarder out there to have a one of a kind skateboarding experience. And this is why we have decided to go all-electric. Our motorized skateboards are designed to give you an amazing skateboarding experience.

The powerful motor installed in these skateboards lets you glide smoothly through various surfaces and enjoy a hassle-free skateboarding. 

You don’t just skateboard, but fly

With our motorized skateboards, it seems as if you’re flying rather than simply skateboarding. The experience that you get is so smooth that you won’t even realize how long have you been skateboarding. Our electric skateboards are designed in such a way that they function equally well on different kinds of surfaces. Be it hard or soft surface, rest assured as our motorized skateboards will get you through effortlessly.

All you need to do is to balance yourself and the rest is handled by the smart motorized skateboard.

Remote control to monitor your speed

The motorized skateboard comes with a handy remote which is used for regulating the speed of the skateboard. You can regulate how fast you wanna roll on the surface. The motor installed in the skateboards is powerful enough to let you glide smoothly at a great speed through various surfaces. The remote also helps you in applying break with utmost ease.

Your safety is our primary concern and this is why our motor is the best quality motor you can find in any electric skateboard. The wheels are designed in a way to roll down a variety of surfaces and provides you a great support. The life of the wheels is also as great as your enthusiasm.

Premium quality suspensions are used in our electric skateboards so that you won’t fall out of balance while twisting and turning. A safe adventure is what we aim to give you via our products.

Top-notch quality

The motorized skateboards that we bring to the dais are made with top quality materials and have top-notch finishing. This way we ensure your safety while you are lost in the joy and thrill of adventure. The stylish look of these skateboards is in total sync with your personality. We make sure to score on both style and quality.

Our electric skateboards are as cool as you and are manufactured to fuel your passion. 

Just get on and begin gliding to the road of fun and success

With the motorized skateboards, it becomes easy for you to balance yourself and skateboard with ease. Just balance yourself and show your tricks and get applauded. Leave the rest to the skateboard. Whether you are preparing for a competition or wanting to wander around on your hot wheels, Surfskatefly has made the most optimum electric skateboards for your needs and moods. Just hop on it and let the wheels roll.

In a nutshell, Surfskatefly not just offers you a variety of adventure sports products to choose from but it offers you a safe and adventurous experience. With motorized skateboards to go with your personality, grab one for you. Buy electric skateboards from our website and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Is surfing your religion? Buy powered surfboards at Surfskatefly

Surfing is more of a religion than a sport. Calling it just an adventure sport would be belittling it. Wherever the waves break, the surfers are ready to surf. Surfboarding is so popular among the masses especially in countries like the US, Canada and Australia. The nerve-wrecking experience of cutting through the waves of sea is what fills a surfer’s body with thrill.

While the concept of surfing might seem simple, the practice is tough. To be a seasoned surfer you need a lot of practice and a good surfboard.

Motorized surfboards by Surfskatefly: Changing the way you feel the thrill

At Surfskatefly, we aim at making your experience better and adventurous. This is why we provide you a range of motorized surfboards so that you live a thrilling and secure surfing experience. You don’t even need a beach near you to enjoy surfing through our powered surfboards, a lake or pond would also do. So don’t just sit back and buy powered surfboards from our website.

Here is why you should!

We have motorized surfboards to suit every surfer’s taste and preferences. For those who fancy an extreme or racing style of ride, we offer them a range of STSX powered surfboard. It is made from Military-grade materials and is powered by SurfTek’s extremely efficient and powerful engine. It is light as a feather and this is why it is highly portable. The technologically advanced Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI) lets you ‘Create your own wave’ as you can not only cut through giant waves but also slice through composed waters of lakes or rivers.

Lightning speed with Surftek Stealth Electric

Enjoy one of a kind surfing experience with world’s first high-speed, long range electric jet surfboard. A combination of updated technology and surfing offers you a revolutionized surfing experience. Surftek Stealth Electric surfboard revolutionizes your surfing experience. When you are equipped with this motorized surfboard, surfaces don’t matter. Be it small or large water bodies or flat water or waves, never slow down and enjoy an ultimate thrilling surfing experience you look forward to as a worshiper of this religion of surfing. 

You can proffer the acceleration at any kind of water surface and get a sensational experience while hitting as fast as 37 miles an hour. Surftek delivers its best as a result of advanced military technology and brand new and super-charged lithium long range batteries.

The power of the super advanced batteries lets you surf for as long as 90 minutes. It is easy to charge and the battery gives you over 1000 charging life spans.

The desire to surf and technology brought together

Surftek’s Aquasurf Jet surfboard is made for those who love surfing and don’t wish to stop at any cost. A surfboard experiencing an exploded popularity worldwide, Aquasurf Jet surfboard lets you rule the waves for 4 hours with a 6 liter gas tank. A fiery speed of 60km/h is what will send the chills down your spine while surfing.

Smartly designed by our marine engineers, this motorized surfboard along with a thrilling experience also gifts you durability, efficiency and power. It is light on your pockets and is highly portable. Do not mistake it for a jet-ski or a traditional surfboard. It is a product born out of pure desire to surf and the latest technology. 

Don’t wait for the waves to pave your way through the waters and surf like a pro with this motorized surfboard. Enjoy high speed irrespective of the wave intensity.

So, now you have so many reasons to buy powered surfboards from us. We want you to enjoy maximum whole following your passion. Fall in love with surfing yet again with our motorized surfboards. Cruise through the waters and ride the waves anytime you wish to. We respect what you worship.

Get the Wheels Rolling with Our All-terrain Electric Skateboards!

“One thing about a skater, they never quit, so a skater to sum it up is awesome.”

                                                                                                                                                               Lil Wayne

Skateboarding is like an art form. It is a sport as well as a lifestyle. Terming it as an ‘action sport would not be sufficient. Skateboarding is like converting your ideas into action. In fact, skateboarding is more of an art of mode of expression. It lets you express yourself, free your body and soul. 

Skateboarding is a highly challenging sport. It builds confidence in you and teaches you to be self-motivated. It is something that can prove to be helpful in your entire life. While practicing skateboarding you learn to let your body have control over your mind.

These sentiments are well understood by a skateboarder, and we, at Surfskatefly, totally go by these sentiments and beliefs. This is the reason why we exist- to make your skateboarding experience more thrilling and adventurous. We offer you a great range of electric skateboards.

All-terrain skateboards

Nothing can stop you from flying high with your electric skateboard. No matter what kind of surface it is, we have you covered. Our all-terrain electric skateboards help you sail smoothly through any kind of surface, be it hard or soft surface.

The electric skateboards are designed in such a way that you can give your best, both on-road and off-road. The powerful motor installed in them gives you the desired speed and effortlessly flip around showing your tricks. Good quality suspensions let you have a safe skateboarding experience.

There is a handy remote you get with our electric skateboards which is used to regulate speed and apply brakes. You must be thinking what is so special about these all-terrain electric skateboards? Well, as it is clear by the name, these skateboards let you glide smoothly over any kind of surface. You don’t have to compromise with anything. Your speed while skateboarding depends on the kind of surface. These wonder skateboards are designed in such a way that neither your speed nor your skateboarding skills would be affected while skateboarding. 

The quality materials used in making these skateboards ensure your safety. Enjoy hassle-free skateboarding experience with our all-terrain electric skateboards.

Buy electric skateboards from our website

The electric skateboards are our specialty. These are designed to give you a lifetime experience of skateboarding. Ride on the wheels and flip around showing your cool moves with our electric skateboards. Our electric skateboards help in adding flair to your skateboarding. The motorized skateboards are powerful enough to support you in your adventurous journey and help you give your best with little efforts. Just balance yourself and show the world your talent.

The electric skateboard is accompanied by a small remote control to monitor the speed and apply brakes. Just hop on to it and balance yourself while controlling the speed via remote. Be it any kind of surface, hard or soft, our electric skateboards are all-terrain skateboards which help you perform your best on-road and off-road and enjoy to the fullest.

Premium quality suspensions installed in these skateboards reduce the chances of accidents and make your skateboarding experience smooth. It is safe to ride our electric skateboards as we have kept the speed limit regulated to avoid any chances of mishaps. With practice, you will be a pro at handling our electric skateboards.

What makes Surfskatefly stand out from the rest?

We don’t make false promises and deliver as per our claims. Following points set us apart from the competitors- 

  • A wide variety of electric skateboards to choose from
  • Electric skateboards to suit everyone’s budget
  • Quality adventure sports products
  • Ease of handling and safe to operate products

No matter where you are, we find a way to reach to you so that you can live your passion. Buy electric skateboard online from our website. We have international deliveries. So gear up, and show your skateboarding skills to the world, with Surfskatefly.