Our Surftek jetpacks is one of the most inventive products we have engineered thus far.. It is made out of aviation aluminium and it comes with adjustable arms for the ultimate experience. Of course, the jetpack a1lso has a pressure resistant and wear resistant water pipe and this helps you to take yourself to brand new heights without running the risk of damaging your equipment. The design is black, grey and red and it comes with everything you need to kick-start your own flying experience. It’s been tried and tested for its effectiveness and it’s guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun. We love this product and we are sure that you will as well so if you have any questions, please do make sure that you get in touch with our team today. We are here to help and we would love to hear from you.



If you have never owned a jet powered surfboard before or if you have never actually been surfing in the past before then you will want to make sure that you do everything you can to understand the sport and everything that it entails. Of course, when you go surfing normally you need to make sure that you have plenty of waves and you also need to make sure that the tide is good as well. With a jet powered surfboard you don’t need any of this, in fact, you would be surprised at where you can surf your board!


Do you have a cottage on the lakeside? Take your surfboard there! As long as it is calm and safe for swimmers, you shouldn’t have a problem and it is a great way for you to try out your board before you go and take it to another location further away from your home. You could even take some friends with you to try it out to begin with, so you can already start to see how you could benefit from purchasing one for yourself.


You can also take your jet powered surfboard with you to the ocean, just like you would with your normal surfboard. This is great because it means that you can get the same, salty surfing experience without having to worry about the waves, the temperature of the water or the tide. You can customise the ocean to meet your needs and it is a great day out with your friends or even your family.Fly high above waters like dolphins or go slow like a boat. Make the most out of your surfing experience with our fastest jet surfboard and win over tides with speed.

So as you can see, you can take your jet powered surfboard with you to just about anywhere with water and our team would love to see pictures of you trying yours out!


Surftek is a modern enterprise integrated with development, design, manufacture and sales. The company is located in Ontario Canada. We specialize in jet powered surfboards, and electric surfboards.


Our primary goal was to develop a surfboard with an ecofriendly motor to catch waves more easily, so that you can catch waves wherever you live. As long as there is water, you can surf.

Surfers can surf now on every lake, rivers, Ocean and have not to wait for wind waves any longer.

Beginners will get the chance to experience the feeling of surfing of a very simple uncomplicated way.

All of our products re designed for different surfing styles. Their technologically advanced boards feature an integrated electric-powered jet propulsion system and are environmentally friendly, producing no noise or emissions. They are controlled by a hand-held wireless remote control, and turning is like on a regular surfboard, simply carve the water. Three self-propelled motorized boards are available, with different propulsion systems to choose from,


Surftek Motorized jet boards is a modern powered surfboard designed for portability, durability, efficiency, economy, and all round adventure. Our boards are perfect for lakes and places that has no waves , thus creating your own wave. Surftek Surfboards are equipped with researched and patented single cylinder, water-cooled, 4-stroke engine and electronic injection ignition system, and above all it will let you enjoy surfing, making it extremely fun.



If you have just purchased a jet surfboard then you will know that sometimes the water can be a little too slippery but there are ways to treat your board so when you do go into different waters, you can have the same level of control from start to finish. The first thing you will want to do is get a surfboard wax remover and some base coat wax. You will also want to pick up some top coat wax as well. You will then want to give your board a base wax, which will cover the mid-section of the board. You will want to make sure that you have plenty of small bumps at this stage because this is what helps to give you that grip and edge when you are in the water.

When you have done this, take some top coat wax and apply it to the same section you applied the base wax. Top wax is much softer but it can help you to keep your board protected and there are waxes that you can apply to the front and back of your board as well if you want to add a higher level of grip.

Of course, jet surfboards can be treated in relatively the same way as a standard surfboard but it is all down to what suits you at the end of the day. You don’t want a board that isn’t gripped enough and you don’t want one that is too slippery either, but it all depends on your surfing style and the way you work the board so keep trying different combinations to see what suits you and always remove the old wax before you go ahead and apply a new coat.


Are motorized surfboards set to take over surfing ? Recent developments in the technology that drives them have seen the craft ridden in some of the heaviest waves on the planet. Hawaiian waterman Kai Lenny, who also windsurfs as well as rides conventional surfboards and SUPs, recently rode a Aquasurf 150 cc motorized board at Jaws, the famous Maui big-wave spot. His waves at the break are considered the largest ever ridden on a motorized board.

The Aquasurf uses a 150cc gasoline-powered water-jet engine (similar to that of a personal watercraft, like a Sea-Doo) to propel riders along the surface of the water at speeds as fast as 35 mph. Riders stand on the carbon-fiber board, loop their feet through a pair of straps, and grab the handheld throttle, which is tethered to the front of the board.

The engines are made by Canadian company Tekcorp Engines, which specializes in the development of combustion engines and special electronics. Check out prices on

The Nautilus has the advantage of not needing gasoline, as it uses a lithium-battery-powered jet-propulsion system. The Nautilus However is more expensive, retailing at nearly double the price of the Aquasurf, and is quieter and more environmentally friendly. However, with top speeds of 20 mph, it generates significantly less speed than the Aquasurf.

Either way, these two models are pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a motorized surfboard. And with some of the world’s best big-wave riders using the craft in some of the heaviest waves on the planet, it is only a matter of time before they become increasingly common in the lineup. After all, what surfer really likes paddling?


This summer I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try out Surftek’s jet propelled surfboards. To say I was intimidated and little bit scared would be an understatement. Though in earlier years, I was very athletic, let’s just say that life got in the way and I wouldn’t consider myself in good shape. I’m in my mid-thirties, and even though I used to be athletic, I have never skateboarded, snowboarded, downhill skied, water skied, used a wakeboard or even a jetski! I was definitely out of my element. I was told that basically almost anyone can ride this board and that it was relatively easy to do so. This however did not assuage my fears, but made them worse! If almost anyone can ride this powered surfboard, what if I can’t?!?!?! I was given a few basic pointers, and away I went. I started first by sitting on the board, just to get the feel of it. The next, and most difficult challenge, was to balance and somehow stand up. Thank goodness for the front handle/controller! I pulled and held on to that handle for dear life! But guess what? I was up and standing on my very first try! I couldn’t believe it! Definitely an ego booster. I lasted about 15 mins or so until the inevitable happened, and I fell off. But, I pulled myself back up on to that board and was on my way again. It became easier with every attempt, and after only a handful of attempts on weekends, did I start to consider myself to be not too bad. I could even go around the entire lake without falling off once! It is also highly addictive, as you want to continually try to push your limits and start to do more. Learning the board truly is very easy, and it really is a board for all ages and for anyone. I highly recommend it, and if you have fears that you will not be able to ride it, put those fears aside. If I can ride it, anyone can!
Thank you so much Surftek for a great summer!


Why should you purchase a Surftek surfboard over a jet ski or seadoo? Many people are in the market today for a jet ski or seadoo, thinking that they are the ultimate in fun and performance on the water. I’m here to tell you that there is another option out there. Surftek’s jet propelled surfboards take fun on the water to another level.

  1. They are basically maintenance free! First of all, the Aquasurf has a 4-stroke engine, not a 2- stroke, so you do not have to worry about mixing your fuel. Other than doing an oil change and changing the spark plug every hundred hours of ride time, there really is very little other maintenance that is required.
  2. They are highly portable! Unlike a jetski or seadoo that you need a trailer to transport, the Aquasurf is a fraction of the weight coming in at 180 pounds. Two people can carry it, three comfortably, or if you would like to self- launch, it is easily doable with a beach dolly. Not to mention that it can fit in the back of your truck or SUV.
  3. Highly Economical! Because it is a 4 stroke engine , has a fuel injection system and an EcoTek engine, the fuel burns extremely efficiently and cleanly which is beneficial to both your wallet and the environment. The board has a 6L gas tank that will get you about 4-5 hours worth of ride time! That’s only about $10 for the day, and trust me, you will be tired after that 4-5hrs.
  4. No surfing experience required! Unlike other jet propelled surfboards on the market that are high performance boards and require the user to know how to surf, Surftek’s boards are for any genre and any experience. Pretty much anyone can ride these boards! They are very safe, buoyant in the water, they do not require you to be moving to get up on them, and both young and old can enjoy creating their own waves.


Surfing in canals, rivers, oceans, lakes on off days and getting disappointed if there aren’t any waves coming on the beach to allow you to glide through the water? You don’t have to be disappointed or look no further as Surftek has launched the next generation surfboards for people to enjoy surfing wherever and whenever they want. The company has revolutionized the surfing industry by launching its high-tech products. Surftek is offering the all new jet powered surfboards, which don’t need waves. It is an enterprise which has brought innovation and has the best R and D department to get the tek in the field of surfing. After much research and experiments, and hard work ofcos, our marine engineers have launched the best-designed motorized surfboards which are both user and environment-friendly. Now surfers don’t have to wait for that perfect wave to surf, as Surftek surfboards are not just a traditional jet-ski product, but they are a combination of next generation technology and the desire for people who love surfing.

Currently, Surftek is offering two models of Jet , motorized Surfboards.

  • Aquasurf 150
  • Nautilus 330

The Aquasurf 150 is designed for the surfers and we like to call it a family surfboard, as its stable yet powerful. whereas the Nautilus is a two stroke power machine , designed for high speed adrenelin junkies

Surftek has provided the detailed specification of both models as well as a broader understanding of the product for the consumer to make the right choice according to personal preference. Both the surfboards have a unique jet propulsion system and steer system to control the direction and the speed of the surfboard. Surftek Surfboards boasts that both models are simple to use and no surfing experience is required. It has gained popularity with both elder people and females . So surf lovers! What are you waiting for? The ultimate water power ride has been brought to you by us to take your surfing experience to the next level and make your surfing weekend plans thrilling, An experience with the Surftek Aquasurf Jet Surfboard will get you pumpin, We invite You To Create Your Wave