Those amazing Electric Surfboards

Quench your thirst for water adventure by mastering your skills while riding its latest thrillers. There are the amazing electric surfboards that will clinch your kingship of the waters. Welcome the coming of the latest sports to test your surfing mastery through an electric surfboard. Look at its tremendous power of buoyancy and great stability. Water sport enthusiasts are given these magnificent boards designed exclusively for them to relax and at the same time relish the serenity of taking lengthy tours and jubilant excursions over water at low speed.

Have the satisfaction of owning an electric surfboard with these key features:

Board – These surfboards are rigid that results from using sandwich construction. The carbon fiber materials are fabricated by attaching two slim but stiff skins to a light weight but thick core.

Water Jet Unit – This unit consists of an electric motor that is brushless with top and efficient axial water pump. Water jets generate propulsive thrust from the reaction created when water is forced in a rearward direction

Electric Drive – Is an electrical system employed for motion control with its first class electric components for a smoother power control. Drives are employed as prime movers for all kinds of engines as well as electric motors.

Not only birds but you can fly above water in your electric surfboard

Make your dream of flying over water a reality by purchasing an electric surfboard. These surfboards have embedded electric motor in its hydrofoil, so it cruises along any flat water surface with no effort on the rider’s part. The board surfs at a speed of 35 miles per hour for as long as it has a fully charged pack of lithium-ion battery   As you are cruising in your electric surfboard, you have full control of the vehicle’s electric motor using a wireless Bluetooth speed regulator. You steer the surfboard by shifting your weight like riding your regular surfboard.

Expect more units of these water vehicles within the coming months. This is in response to their clients who are planning to order new types. Available color options are black, blue, green, orange and  purple etc.

Make waves with your electric surfboard

Your electric surfboards do not need waves as your surfboard is capable of making its own. Thrill to your rides over lakes, ponds and rivers with of course the open sea. Since it is battery operated, expect your ride to be smooth and speedy. With its battery fully charged, you can run at high speed for 90 minutes without making any noise.

Where to buy:

SurfSkateFly.Com has all kinds of great adventure products with electric surfboard as their latest offering. Be sure that in your surfing activities, you are buying only top quality brands for durability and safety. It is safe to purchase your water sports equipment from ѕurfѕkаtеflу.соm. This online ѕtоrе sells and supports high quality products. They have as jеt-роwеrеd ѕurfbоаrdѕ, еlесtriс-ѕkаtеbоаrdѕ, flyboards and aqua ATV’s to whet your adventurous spirit.

In land or water, AquAtv is your watercraft

Today sports enthusiasts want to experience challenges and thrills to the optimum level that sports gadgets are being invented to satisfy their desires. Surfskatefly com: your best online ѕtоrе for watersports is proud to introduce its latest product, the AquAtv.

What AquAtv is?

AquAtv is a 4-stroke amphiquad converted into a personal watercraft. The  AquAtv can attain 45 mph speed in water and land. The ride is comfortable and performance is fast due to its composite lightweight hull; its low center of gravity and wide track give and stability on land and water. After pushing a button, it takes only five seconds to transition the watercraft from land to the water.


  • More freedom in riding AquAtv

The AquAtv brings more excitement and thrills than other rides. No need for you to decide between taking the trail or water. Many opportunities are opening up for you to discover and explore. Ride your watercraft, relish the freedom and leave the boundaries behind!

  • More flexibility: either land or water

AquAtv like an authentic amphibian is equally fast on land and water. Simply touch switch to retract the wheels after getting into the water and deploy the vehicle as you approach land. The transfer is easy and quick so you have time to enjoy both land and water.

  • More thrills, more excitement and more fun

A unique and exhilarating experience awaits your ride in AquAtv for it is one that satisfies your sense of adventure. Just imagine the ability to run a speed of 45 mph on both land and water. The vehicle delivers spirited and stable performance. From running along trail to beach, you are experiencing a ground-breaking kind of excitement and fun.


  1. The engine is powerful and efficient making it the core of the AquAtv. The power plant of patented engine is durable and lightweight that provides up to 140 horsepower. It enables speeds of 45 mph on land and water creating an unforgettable riding experience.
  2. Suspension provide transition

The revolutionary retractable suspension of AquAtv provides a performance that is the transfer from ATV ride to personal watercraft in not more than five seconds. AquAtv is robust but its aluminum-alloy suspension is lightweight that protects the riders from the elements while an exhilarating ride waits both on land and water.

  1. Light weight composite hull

Performance and comfort are the result of the AquAtv’s composite lightweight hull. It has a solid surface for planning and provides excellent stability at the lateral side responsively control the water. In land mode, the low center of gravity gives AquAtv a smooth, surefooted feel and nimble handling.

  1. Compact jet drive

AquAtv features water jet patented drive that is more compact and lighter than those found on a typical watercraft. This design that is inventive offers thrust of high levels in planing speed in seconds, along with easily the maneuvered in a variety of on-water conditions.

AquAtv is the world’s first high speed sports amphibians that enhance the freedom, flexibility and fun of personal power sports while without compromise running between land and water. Either a land or sea in your AquAtv is still in a great adventure.

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Best Flyboarding Adventure

Flying adventure with flyboards
Fly on water using your very own flyboard! This magnificent device is available at the As your preferred online ѕtоrе, Surfskatefly sells and supports all devices used water sports as еlесtriс-ѕkаtеbоаrdѕ, flyboards and jеt-роwеrеd ѕurfbоаrdѕ.
What is a flyboard?
It is a device that uses propulsion to drive the board up into the air flying over water. Connected to a long hose linked to a watercraft, the rider stands on a board. Under pressure, water is forced to a boot pair by using jet nozzles below. Strong thrust propel rider to fly up to a distance of 15 meters or 49 feet in the air or to make a headlong dive through the water down to 2.5 meters or 8 feet.
How flyboards work?
The rider in general, is the prime controller of everything in the Flyboard excluding the amount of power it is receiving. The power portion of the entire work is controlled by a Jet Ski certified instructor. Regardless of the power part, the rider still controls his/her height by how the board is shifted and controls indefinitely the direction by how the board is balanced. But logistic proves that by itself the Jet Ski is powerless as the power is pushed through the Fly Board making the rider in control of direction of the Jet Ski since it is towed behind the direction the Flyboard is flying.
Flyboarding tips for beginners
1. Before you start, stand at a safe distance away from your wave runner. Follow all instructions given by your guide.

2. Wear safety gears that are not eye=catching but s requirement to keep you safe.
3. All safety gears are tight to the body like the body suit and the helmet; the most important are the boots.

4. While boarding, it is essential to maintain the right balance. Listen to the instructions from your guide to know the right posture so you don´t lose your balance. Stand upright bending knees slightly forward, but never toward the back.
5. Make sure your body and mind are relaxed when fly boarding.
6. Do not engage in fly boarding during high-tide and high wind. Relax your body and mind when fly boarding for the first time

7. Fly boarding is not safe for pregnant women and also for those people who are under a slight effect of alcohol.

For some it might come as tough to maintain a balance when up in the sky but don’t give up. It will pay off!
Why buy from surfskatefly?
Flyboarding is fun and once you do it successfully you would like to try new pirouettes like an expert. Get accustomed to the basic level and you will be more comfortable before going to a higher level.
What set this company apart from others are their products, people and presentation. To simplify their position: they believe that in every experience you have in surf boards, their goal is to hear your complete satisfaction in their product!
Purchase your fly board from ѕurfѕkаtеflу.соm, so you get the best and the safest gears. The have industry experience of over 4 decades selling the high quality product like fly boards. It is so durable that you can pass your fly board to the forthcoming generations.
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All Terrain Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards
Water sports lovers are keen on trying new devices to serve as greater challenge. Feel more excitement riding an electric skateboard. This is more thrilling compared to an ordinary skate and the traditional surf board.
What is an electric skateboard?
Find your ultimate adventure on an electric skateboard! Never before will you experience so much fun derived from riding an electric skateboards. Another invention from surfskatefly, it seems that its fuel is adrenaline. This revolutionary electric skateboard is synonymous with high performance mixed with oodles of fun. It was the promise of this Canadian Company to bring adventure at your feet so they designed the most amazing high-performance wireless electric skateboards. Their vision is to invent motorized skateboards that go all the way stretches into innovative products adrenaline junkie dreams of. Electric skateboards vary in every shape, speed, deck size and distance range.
Important facts about electric skateboard
1. The types of skateboarding depend on what board types are used. It could be normal, longboards, the almost skateboard, baker electric, etc.
2. There are four most essential factors required in skateboarding: the skateboard, its accessories, its safety tools and its maintenance kit.
3. Three parts of the skateboard: the skateboard deck, the skate wheels and the skateboard truck.
4. Accessories of skateboards are specially-made clothing and shoes.
5. The safety tools consist of the knee caps, elbow guards, helmet etc. These safety tools must be used by skater.
6. Maintenance of the skateboard is: the maintenance kit consists of the bearing lube, rails of skateboard, skate wax and others.
All the above four facts must be kept in mind before attempting to play this game of skateboarding.
When buying an electric skateboard, consider the following:
• Range – what will you using the board for.
• Weight – When you run out for gas, can you carry or push it fame?
• Performance – Can skateboard function without electrical set up?
• Spare parts & support – Is there warranty? How often are parts replaced?
• Price – Re you getting your money’s worth/
• Motor wattage – Look at how the gear ratios on a motor torque will affect speed.
• 2 motors or 1 – There will be better performance with 2 motors.
• Hub motor gears or gear pulley motor system – The latter is better.
• Thumb or trigger motor control – The trigger motor control is better.
• DIY or custom-made boards – Custom boards are better than DIY.
Why an electric skateboard is better than non-electric skateboards?
An electric board is better than the non-electric skateboard because you can easily carry it around and can fit any vehicle as bus/train. It is relatively quiet and not bothering people who love quiet moments. They are easy to charge like charging them wherever you charge your phone/PC. Despite being lightweight, it packs lots of power. Electric skateboard gives the kind of thrill you have never experienced before.
The wonders of an electric skateboard
.You would not be able to believe the adventures you will have with your electric bike before you experience it. But most importantly it is so much fun and it makes your life more exciting. An electric skate is something for everyone! You can choose any model and get the most awesome in standard. It is guaranteed that one ride on our electric skateboards and journeys will never be the same again. Surfskatefly technology is awesome!
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Taking water adventure to the next level

If you are a water sport lover, there is something coming that will please you. It’s the surfteksurfboards that brings your surfing spirit to the next level! It appears that powered surfboards Canada and jet surfboards USA with the entry of this amazing surfboard, have introduced another water sports along the way.

What is surfteksurfboards?

Surfers are often frustrated when they want to surf that there are no waves. Surftek Surfboards Company has this in mind so they created a surfboard that does need waves. They develop gas and electric surfboards, each designed for different surfing styles. Designed and engineered to replicate traditional surfing these boards do not require oceanic waves and/or topology, but provide the owner the excitement of “creating his/her own wave”. As the best jet powered surfboards, they are perfect for lakes, ponds and places that have no waves.

The advantage of surftek surfboard

  1. Best innovation ever

This Canadian/US Company has created advanced features in the integrated jet propulsion system in the board with an EcoTek engine. Compared with other types of water craft, it produces less emission and does not pollute the air.

  1. Environmentally friendly

It runs quietly so its electric jet propulsion system disturbs neither animals nor other people. Buy motorized surfboards because it is light weight; Surftek Powered Surfboard is very easy to handle and to jump waves.

  1. Insures your safety

Surftek Surfboards considers safety as its top priority. All its motor parts, especially the battery are well-fitted inside a cosite case made of carbon-fiber aluminum. In case you might lose control, there is an automated emergency stop mechanism that immediately shuts off power.

  1. Low Maintenance

This is the best jet powered surfboards for its maintenance is low and can be operated by persons of any kind of skill and they are extremely efficient.

  1. Easy mobility

Moving the board does not require a trailer for it can be self-launched with a beach cart. They can be carried by 2 people, 3 comfortably, and can fit in to the bed of a truck or the back of an SUV.

  1. Extremely efficient

Buy motorized surfboards that utilize fuel patented injection, with singular cylinder 4-stroke Eco-Tek engine. There is no need for going out of your way to mix gas and oil.

Where to buy

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of this surfteksurfboards, you can buy motorized surfboards either electric or gas from their online store where their friendly support team will assist you to a great shopping experience. Purchase Jet Surfboards from a wide range of colors, sizes as well as styles. The board is made of carbon filler and uses rubber spray printing. You get a fine touch feeling from its semi-glossy surface. Its elegant appearance adds to its sleek look. Appearance is elegant. It has fine features: abrasion scrape resistance, weather resistance and wear resistance

Bring your surf game to the next level with the best jet powered surfboards. It will be an exhilarating experience to try something new in electric surfboards. Anyone can ride these boards as they are safe and buoyant in the water. You will opt for a powered surfboards Canada or jet surfboards USA; both will offer you the highest satisfaction in a water sport.

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Create your own waves with Surftek

New technologies bring game improvement to the next level. Lovers of water sports, especially surfers, can develop and improve their skills in surfing by using surftek. This innovative surfboard was launched in 1989 by Surftek.

About Surftek

Originating from the surfing world of South Africa, boards are designed and engineered by factory staff to replicate the traditional surfing and its corresponding exhilaration minus the need for any oceanic waves and/or topology. Unlike the usual board used in surfing, Since the Surftek is jet-powered; no wave is required for the ride. So it does not require any wave. When you are riding this board, you are the wave. Imagine the wide area you can cover as surfing the board is possible anywhere, in the lakes, the ocean or even a pond that is big enough to move around. The company employed the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques available to create the perfect surfboard.

Why do you prefer a Surftek Surfboard and not a Jet ski?

For many water sport enthusiasts, Jet Ski is ultimate in fun and performance on the water. They do not know that Surftek’s jet propelled surfboards is more fun on the water bringing them to the next level of excitement.

1) Basically, maintenance is free! It engine has 4-stroke engine, so no need to mix the fuel. You just need to change the oil and spark plug every hundred hours of ride time. No other need for maintenance.

2) They are highly portable! Surfboard is only around 180 pounds unlike a Jet Ski or seadoo that you transport with a trailer. Two people can carry it but three can carry it comfortably. If you prefer to self-launched,  it is easily portable using a beach dolly. It can easily fit at the back of your SUV or truck.

3) They are highly cost effective! As a stroke engine, the fuel burns extremely efficiently and cleanly which is beneficial to both your wallet and the environment. The 6 L gas tank of the board will get you about 4-5 hours’ worth of ride time! It approximate cost is about $10 for the day.

4) No need for any surfing experience! Unlike other jet propelled surfboards on the market, you are require to know how to surf, But using Surftek’s boards are for any genre and ne experience required. Anyone can ride these boards as they are safe and buoyant in the water. You do not need to move to get up on them. So both young and old can enjoy creating their own waves.

Surftek Surfboard

There are many types, brands and technology used in Surftek Surfboard. Surfboards have all types, brands and technology. Among the types are: Longboard; Shortboard; Funboard; and others. Among the brands are: NSP; Surftech; Channel Islands; etc.  Among the technology are: TufLite-PC; ASA (Softops); Elements; and lots more.  The board is made of carbon filler and uses rubber spray printing. You get a fine touch feeling from its semi-glossy surface. Its elegant appearance adds to its sleek look. Appearance is elegant. It has fine features: abrasion scrape resistance, weather resistance and wear resistance.

Improve your skill in water and enjoy this water sports. Just be sure you have the best kind of surftek board. For more information, link with