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Beat the waves with our motorized surfboards!


Paving the way through waves challenging the power of water is what excites a surfer the most. The splashes of water and the swing of waves take you on a thrilling ride that fills your heart with excitement and is a joy to watch. Getting a perfect surfboard to pair up with your smooth surfboarding skills is like a jackpot. And with Surfskatefly, you can win that jackpot!

A wide range of motorized surfboards

Motorized surfboards and gas-powered surfboards are our specialties. We are here to serve you better and make your adventure more thrilling and at the same time a secure experience. With our premium quality motorized surfboards, you don’t need to go visit a beach to enjoy surfing, any water body near you would do.

We have quality powered surfboards that are crafted to meet every surfer’s needs and skills. A range of our electric surfboards are made up of Military-grade materials and possess an extremely powerful Surftek engine which helps you get your way with the waves.

An electric surfboard so smart!

With our smartly designed electric surfboards, you can create your own wave, i.e. you can surf on calmer water bodies too. You don’t have to depend upon the waves by the sea. Sounds fun, right?

These electric surfboards are lightweight and very much portable. The advanced Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI) technology lets you surf even on the calmest water bodies.

Surfing with the speed of light

Speed is fun and it thrills every surfer. With our high-quality range of electric surfboards, enjoy surfing at a great speed. Surftek Stealth Electric surfboard is the world’s first high-speed and long-range electric jet surfboard. Experience what it feels like to fly with the waves with our powerful surfboards. Surfboards made with a powerful combination of the most recent and advanced technology and the love for surfing, these powered surfboards let you sail smoothly through the waves with a speed as high as 37 miles an hour. A sensationalized surfing experience is what you’ll feel with our electric surfboards which are loaded with super-charged lithium long-range batteries.

Enjoy 90 minutes of water adventure with the powerful Stealth Electric surfboard’s advanced batteries. Easily charged, this battery offers you a life span of 1000 charges.

Hydrofoil for those who dream of flying through the waves

Cut through the waters with electrifying speed. Buy the fastest hydrofoil from Surfskatefly and fly through the waves. The 2500w motor of Surftek Hydrofoil lets you cut through the extreme water bodies with great speed. With a charge time of as low as 2.5 hours, Surftek Hydrofoil is your best choice.

For all those who love to dance with the waves and sway with their flow, Surfskatefly is there, to gift them the best and the safest tools to enjoy to the fullest.



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