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Sports are the best way to test the power of man is it on air, land and water. Welcome to Surftek Jet Surfboards! Using ultra-lightweight motorized surfboards; this sport combines surfing, motor and sports that equals to recreational fun. Just like surfing, surfboards are used. If you want to add another feather to your cap as a sportsman, you can learn this sport. Just be sure to buy the best Jet Surfboards available in the market.


Just like surfing, you use the lightest powered surfboards with a powerful motor weighing only 120 lbs. that has a speed of 55 kilometers per hour. It is low weight but it has a highly powered mounted 4 stroke engine with a complete hull of carbon fiber. If you like surfing, you will get your thrill as this sport is the combo of wakeboarding, wake surfing, regular surfing and snowboarding plus you have an engine powerplant. . If you want to be jet surfboard pro, there are schools to teach you how to ride a motorized surfboard in Ontario Canada.


The market for powered surfboards is becoming wider as more people recognized the value and fun of this sport. Be sure to purchase your Jet Surfboards from a provider specializing in motorized surfboards like Surftek and jetpacks to give you the most extraordinary experience in challenging the water. Do your shopping today at Surftek Surfboards. You can even opt for rental.


If you want to own the best motorized surfboard, this Canadian company is your best source. They are not just interested in selling but they will provide electric and gas powered surf boards that are designed individually to fit different surfing styles. You can shop and browse in their online store with their friendly support sales team. Choose from among a wide range of colors, sizes as well as styles. They are incomparably faster and safer than any other PWC or Jet surfboard in the market today.

  1. Low in maintenance & efficiency; allow any family member to use them.
  2. Easy to transport; can be carried using a beach cart or carried by 2 people and fits snugly in a truck bed or the back of an SUV.
  3. No need to mix oil and gas, and you allowed in to almost any waterway.
  4. Requires minimal servicing, and is virtually maintenance free.
  5. Offers full 1 year international warranty against any manufacturer’s defects.
  6. Surftek Motorized boards are sure to last and they have an online tech support and 24hr phone tech support.

Each Surftek has different design from each other has an advanced board features with integrative jet propulsion system and EcoTek engine.

It uses electric jet propulsion system and the ecotek gas engine that does not harm the environment and people. They are light weight and very easy to handle.

Its key priority is safety of the products for everyone and everything on and in the vicinity of the board. A carbon-fiber composite case ensures safety of arts. There is also an emergency kill switch.

Learn these wonderful sports for both health and enjoyment. You will be the center of attention of your friends who will admire your skill in handling motorized surfboards and powered surfboards. Be able to challenge the wave with these Jet Surfboards.

Moreover, with us, you can buy surfboards online. We stock all kinds of surfboards, from best motorized surfboards to best electric skateboard you can get them all. Our surfboards are suitable for people from all age group, gender, and status.

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