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Surfboards are great and all, but they are clumsy to transport from beach to beach. Well, the Surftek AquaSurf Jet Surfboard is an inflatable surfboard with handlebars and a 15HP electric jet-ski style motor which can propel you up to 30MPH. Since it is inflatable, it could be squished down and travel with you easily.

However, you may want to ask yourself if you even need a surfboard with a jet motor. I think the whole idea was to use the power of the wave. I guess it makes things much hardcore to get a few extra speed. Including, you can ride it on flat, quiet waters too, so there is that bonus. This thing will cruise up to 40-45 minutes on a full charge.

The one another downside? Surftek Surfboards will cost you around $8,000 more than the old school version. And for those looking for something a bit sturdier, there’s always the aluminum and carbon fiber Jet Surfboard STSX, which is “only” about $8,500.

Each Surftek has best electric surfboards with different design from each other has an advanced board features with the integrative jet propulsion system and EcoTek engine which is electric jet surfboards that lets riders surf calm waters. It can extend speeds up to 21 miles per hour and it’s controlled by a wireless remote. Following is a transcript of the video.

Surfing without waves? Surftek AquaSurf Jet Surfboard is an electric jet board. No waves? No problem. Jet Surfboard STSX are also in for a treat. Surftek Surfboards is perfect for lakes that prohibit gas-powered boats. Cut across calm waters with ease. The jet propulsion will thrust you forward. But how?

A wireless remote allows riders to control speed. Surftek AquaSurf can travel up to 21 mph. It weighs 26.5 pounds. Motorized surfboards claims 20 minutes of ride time at full thrust. The battery takes two hours to fully charge. But you will need to wait 30 minutes for it to cool down first.

It can be difficult to find your balance but you will be on your way after some attempts. These thrills aren’t cheap. A Surftek Surfboard will set you back $5,595.


Its key priority is safety of the products for everyone and everywhere on and in the district of the board. A carbon-fiber composite case ensures safety of arts.

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