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Greater Thrills and Challenges with SurfSkateFly

Sport lovers today are insatiable; they want to enjoy only the highest challenges and super thrills. They prefer air, land and water sports that will totally test their skills and quench their adventurous spirits. The good news is that their quest is over with the innovative and most ingenious products from SurfSkateFly.Com

About SurfSkateFly.com

SurfSkatefly is the best online ѕtоrе for it has all types of water sports that are the latest and the greatest products that authentically spell adventure. For your sporting gadgets, this is the place to buy top quality brands that guarantees durability and safety. Therefore: it is safest to purchase all your water sports equipment from this outlet as they sell and support only high quality products. They have ѕurfbоаrdѕ that are jet-powered, еlесtriс-ѕkаtеbоаrdѕ, flyboards, aqua atv’s and others to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

Shops of Surfskatefly.com offer:

  • Surf Shop

As you browse in the Surf Shop, you will find Surftek STSX Jet Surfboard. This Ride-On Surfboard gives you Optimal Performance. This is your best bet to satisfy your global call of making sea and lake surfing easier and getting more satisfying results. Its boating designs are well-fashioned to ensure safety; the least amount of injury possibility even for rugged surfers. With this motorized surfboard, you will enjoy incredible paddling power, increased speed and stability.

  • Skate Shop

During your visit to the Skate Shop, you will come across the SurfSkateFly All-Terrain Electric Skateboard. Have you ever experienced the utmost thrill of riding in an electric skateboard? You will relish so much fun on an electric skateboard ride. This is another extraordinary product from SurfSkateFly using its magical adrenaline fuel. This radical electric skateboard is identical with high performance combined with zillions of fun. In fulfillment to the promise of this Canadian Company, they have designed this wireless electric skateboards to outperform itself.. They have accomplished their vision to create motorized skateboards that will further be compared with other innovative products of Electric skateboards; although it may vary in deck size, distance range, shape and speed.

  • Flyboard Shop

In the Flyboard shop, your eyes will be attracted to a device that can hover over water. Flyboard is capable of doing this as it uses propulsion to drive the board up into the air flying over water. The board is connected to a long hose that is linked to a watercraft. As the rider stands on the board, board, water under pressure is forced to a boot pair by using jet nozzles below. Due to the powerful thrust, the rider is propelled to fly up to a distance of around 15 meters or 49 feet up in the air or to perform a headlong dive through the water down to 2.5 meters or 8 feet. The rider in general, is the prime controller of everything in the Flyboard including the amount of power it is receiving via a wireless remote control throttle.

  • Aqua ATV Shop

Look for the AquAtv in the ATV shop. This is a 4-stroke amphi-quad that is converted into a personal watercraft. The AquAtv can attain 45 mph speed in water and land. Due to its composite hull that is lightweight, its low center of gravity and wide track offers stability on land and water. The ride is comfortable and performance is fast. Just push a button and after five seconds, the watercraft is speedily transformed from an ATV  to a Personal Water Craft

All these innovative water sports devices and lots more are available in SurfSkateFly. For additional information or further inquiries, visit – surfskatefly.com

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