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Is surfing your religion? Buy powered surfboards at Surfskatefly

Surfing is more of a religion than a sport. Calling it just an adventure sport would be belittling it. Wherever the waves break, the surfers are ready to surf. Surfboarding is so popular among the masses especially in countries like the US, Canada and Australia. The nerve-wrecking experience of cutting through the waves of sea is what fills a surfer’s body with thrill.

While the concept of surfing might seem simple, the practice is tough. To be a seasoned surfer you need a lot of practice and a good surfboard.

Motorized surfboards by Surfskatefly: Changing the way you feel the thrill

At Surfskatefly, we aim at making your experience better and adventurous. This is why we provide you a range of motorized surfboards so that you live a thrilling and secure surfing experience. You don’t even need a beach near you to enjoy surfing through our powered surfboards, a lake or pond would also do. So don’t just sit back and buy powered surfboards from our website.

Here is why you should!

We have motorized surfboards to suit every surfer’s taste and preferences. For those who fancy an extreme or racing style of ride, we offer them a range of STSX powered surfboard. It is made from Military-grade materials and is powered by SurfTek’s extremely efficient and powerful engine. It is light as a feather and this is why it is highly portable. The technologically advanced Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI) lets you ‘Create your own wave’ as you can not only cut through giant waves but also slice through composed waters of lakes or rivers.

Lightning speed with Surftek Stealth Electric

Enjoy one of a kind surfing experience with world’s first high-speed, long range electric jet surfboard. A combination of updated technology and surfing offers you a revolutionized surfing experience. Surftek Stealth Electric surfboard revolutionizes your surfing experience. When you are equipped with this motorized surfboard, surfaces don’t matter. Be it small or large water bodies or flat water or waves, never slow down and enjoy an ultimate thrilling surfing experience you look forward to as a worshiper of this religion of surfing. 

You can proffer the acceleration at any kind of water surface and get a sensational experience while hitting as fast as 37 miles an hour. Surftek delivers its best as a result of advanced military technology and brand new and super-charged lithium long range batteries.

The power of the super advanced batteries lets you surf for as long as 90 minutes. It is easy to charge and the battery gives you over 1000 charging life spans.

The desire to surf and technology brought together

Surftek’s Aquasurf Jet surfboard is made for those who love surfing and don’t wish to stop at any cost. A surfboard experiencing an exploded popularity worldwide, Aquasurf Jet surfboard lets you rule the waves for 4 hours with a 6 liter gas tank. A fiery speed of 60km/h is what will send the chills down your spine while surfing.

Smartly designed by our marine engineers, this motorized surfboard along with a thrilling experience also gifts you durability, efficiency and power. It is light on your pockets and is highly portable. Do not mistake it for a jet-ski or a traditional surfboard. It is a product born out of pure desire to surf and the latest technology. 

Don’t wait for the waves to pave your way through the waters and surf like a pro with this motorized surfboard. Enjoy high speed irrespective of the wave intensity.

So, now you have so many reasons to buy powered surfboards from us. We want you to enjoy maximum whole following your passion. Fall in love with surfing yet again with our motorized surfboards. Cruise through the waters and ride the waves anytime you wish to. We respect what you worship.

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