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Ride the waves and skate like a pro with our brand of top quality jet-powered and electric boards. Can't afford to get a new board yet? Rent a board today and enjoy the same premium experience starting at only $199.00 per hour ($229.00 on weekends).



Per Hour Monday – Friday

$199.00 + tax

Per Hour Saturday – Sunday

$229.00 + TAX

Should you wish to rent one of our boards, you will be able to find us at Gull Lake, Gravenhurst throughout the summer, as well as our Show Room located at:


365A Bethune Drive N, Gravenhurst, ON, P1P 1B8
FOR PHONE BOOKING CALL US AT 1-800-377-5409 or email:


Total rental balance is due prior to renting the board and will be charged to the credit card holder’s account.
The first tank of gas (6L Premium) is free. Every additional 6L of gas is an additional $10.

The credit card holder must be present at time of rental to sign for all charges.

Any additional charges incurred, will be charged to the cardholder. A fee of $5000.00 with the right to sue will be charged to any board not returned. Additionally, should the board be damaged in other regards, charges will be made accordingly to the card holder’s name.

PLEASE NOTE : Every person who rides the board must first read The Terms of Use, and read and sign the Rental Waiver and the Safety Check List. Should anyone who rides the board that has not read and signed all documents and be injured, or cause an injury to an outside party or property, all rights have been waived and Surftek Surfboards/SurfSkateFly will NOT be held accountable.

In order to rent a jet surfboard, a minimum age of 18 is required, with a credit card and valid driver’s licence or a provincial or state issued photo ID. The credit card must match the name on the driver’s licence or photo ID.

If under 18 years of age, a parent or authorized care giver, with a valid credit card must be present at time of payment to sign for all charges for the rental.

Rent Your Surfboard & Create Your Wave, NOW!

Fill the form below and deposit CAD 50, to place your order.

    We accept all credit cards and online payments.

    $ 50 CAD Deposit Required For Booking