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Life is all about adventures. You got one life and it is worth living. Sports serve as an excellent means of recreation and for each one of us, there is a sport that defines us. Sports like surfing and skating add fun and spark to our lives. The absolutely thrilling aura of these sports is what makes it fun. Who needs wings to fly when you can skateboard!

You might be head over heels for skating or surfboarding, there is one thing in common- you need good quality sports equipment to perform them. Safety is a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked while hunting for joy and adventure. We, at Surfskatefly, consider your safety as our priority and equip you with the best of equipment.

Electrifying your skateboarding experience with electric skateboards
Hopping onto your skateboard to do a quick flip sounds cool! While the tricks and talent are purely yours, we love to support you in this and add flair to your skateboarding by offering you electric skateboards that are motorized and let you perform your best with minimum efforts.
With the motorized skateboards by Surfskatefly, all you need to do is to balance yourself and leave the rest to the powered skateboard. It comes with a remote control to monitor the speed so that you can accelerate as per your choice and also apply break.

Flick smoothly with all-terrain skateboards
Now surfaces won’t stop you from going out and exploring new adventures though your skateboard. With our all-terrain skateboards glide smoothly on all types of surfaces, be it on-road or off-road We are offering you the best of the tools so that nothing stops you from chasing your dreams and creating a new story for you and the world to see. Glide smoothly through all hurdles and be the star.

Best Electric Skateboards: Your safety is our duty
While you are out living your passion and seeking adventure, we want you to be safe. Our electric skateboards are made from the best quality materials and smart technology. Monitoring the speed and controlling the movements is extremely easy with the great suspensions in our skateboards. You can rest assured to be on the guard with our high-quality electric skateboards.

What makes us stand apart?
We have gone all-electric to give you an experience of a lifetime. Our motorized skateboards take skateboarding to a new level and add to the thrill and adventure of the amazing sport. It lets you stay safe while goofing up those clever and calculated tricks. You can buy online from our website, the skateboard of your choice and get set to begin a revamped journey.

If water sport is your thing, we have you covered. We haven’t just gone electric with our skateboards, but surfboards too. We got electric surfboards and jet-powered surfboards to make your surfboarding experience a delight and a greater and safer adventure.


  1. How safe are electric skateboards?
    Generally, electric skateboards are safe to operate and ride. But one does need to practice. Even if you are an experienced skateboarder, you need to practice well on electric skateboards. Our motorized skateboards come with a handy remote to control the speed. Good quality suspensions are installed to avoid any chances of accidents. However, we recommend following all the safety protocols like wearing a helmet and knee pads to avoid injuries.

  2. How much does an electric skateboard costs?
    Our electric keyboards won’t cost you a fortune. You can get the buy online the best electric skateboards from our website, ranging from $1,100 USD to $2.500 USD.

  3. How fast does an electric skateboard go?
    The remote control which comes along with the electric skateboard regulates the speed. You can set the speed as per your convenience. On average, you can expect a speed of 32 to 40 mph. We have kept the speed limits regulated to avoid any risk of accidents.

  4. Can electric skateboards go uphill?
    Whether electric skate will go uphill or not, depends on a variety of factors. The steepness of the incline, power of the motor, weight of the rider, etc. are some of the factors that determine how successful will you be in riding uphill with our electric skateboard. But, if the skateboard has a motor powerful enough and you know how to balance and are aware of the trick it is certainly possible for you to ride uphill with the electric skateboard. Our e-skateboards have powerful motors that help you take a ride uphill.

  5. What is the fastest electric skateboard board?
    When we talk about the speed of electric skateboards, two factors are very important- bearings and wheels. The kind of surface that you are riding on makes a great difference in the speed. For rougher surfaces, soft wheels are more suitable. Our skateboards are all-terrain skateboards and offer you an amazing riding experience on-road and off-road.