Aqua-Tron Electric Jet Surfboard

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USD $9,999.00

As the pioneer of composite construction in the electric surfboard industry, we introduced many of the technologies that have shaped our industry and we continue to lead through innovation and design.  As our name implies, it is a hybrid of “Surf” and “Technology”- representing our commitment to the continuous evolution of technology in the pursuit of making the very best high-performance electric surfboards available. Quality, Consistency, and Satisfaction are the foundation of our company and a promise we make to every customer. We take pride in every board we manufacture and encourage you to experience the difference that is SurfSkateFly.



Aquatron Electric Jet Surfboard

Did someone just challenge you for a daring water sports contest? Or are you a die-hard surfing enthusiast? Whatever may be the case, we bring the perfect Aquatron Electric Jet Surfboard for you. so, Make no compromise on experiencing the thrill of a lifetime as you make your mind to rule the ruthless ocean by taking this action-stimulating Jet Surfboard. therefore, Aquatron is a coming-of-the-age motorized jet surfboard that combines our innovative technology with impressive safety and craftsmanship.

Surf Like a Pro!

Double the fun of your surfing experience as the Aquatron Electric Jet Surfboard is designed to bring zest and zeal to any water sports contest or your much-awaited vacation by the ocean. Whether you are a new surfer or a pro, the Aquatron Jet Surfboard will help you strengthen your surfboarding skills whilst ensuring the maximum thrill for you. Let go of your worries and ride with the waves as you dare to step into the barbaric ocean for a memorable surfboarding experience.

Carve The Waves

The Aquatron Electric Jet Surfboard features a unique electric-powered jet propulsion system that enables you to take control of your movements even on the most turbulent of ocean waves. Thanks, to its 10,000 Watt motor, the Aquatron Jet Surfboard is strong enough to carve the waves while offering considerable levels of stability and control over your movements.

Made for the Daredevils

The introduction of a handheld, wired remote control system enables the surfboarders to control the Aquatron Electric Jet Surfboard like a pro. therefore, The surfboard is designed while keeping the basics of surfing in mind. so, you can easily turn it like any regular surfboard. Enjoy a clutter-free, daring yet fulfilling water sports surfboarding action with this non-sense, expertly designed Aquatro Jet Surfboard. You can choose from three different electric propulsion and self-propulsion systems according to your taste. Dare to reach the maximum speed of 31 mph to experience the Aquatron in its true essence.

Great For The Environment

The Aquatron Electric Jet Surfboard features a durable carbon fiber build, so you can enjoy surfboarding for years to come. As well, The surfboard has minimal noise and no emissions, making it an environmentally friendly option for surfboarding zealots across the world. Choose the uncomplicated and true-to-nature Aquatron Electric Jet Surfboard for a versatile surfboarding experience irrespective of your skill level.

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Motor: 10 000 Watt
Material: Carbon fiber
Max Rider Weight: 100KG/220Lbs


Lithium 72v/30A Quick Release /Easy Swop
 Life: Approx 3-4 years / 1000 Charges/Discharges
 Charge Time: 60-90 Min (Approx) May vary
Max Speed: 50Km/h / 31Mph  Weight and Temperature-dependent.
Ride Time Approx: 45min -55min Depending on throttle speed and rider weight
Total Weight Incl Battery: 30Kg / 66Lbs

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Aqua-Tron Electric Jet Surfboard

  1. Daniel

    The Aqua-Tron is incredible! im a lover of water sport and had seen a video about this product on youtube. It exceeded every expectation i had, worth every penny. Swift on the water and super fun. Very impressed, was delivered on time and everything was intact, no need to contact the staff about any missing pieces. Battery life is great for the time i spend on the water. Wish it had a 2 hour battery life instead of one.

  2. Judy

    fast and great quality build- finally got it after 2 months
    great company, great staff

  3. Randal

    love it, lots of fun and maintenance-free.

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