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Buy best Aquasurf Jet Surfboard?. The jet surfboard is The Most Popular Sold Motorized Surfboard In The World.? Designed And Engineered In Canada, SurfSkateFly.Boasts Almost 4 Hours Of Ride Time on A 6 Litre Gas Tank At Speeds Of Up To 60Km/h -38 mi/h. This Versatile Surfboard Can Be Used to Venture Out In The Ocean Or At Your Local Lake. The best Surftek Aqua surfboard is a jet-powered surfboard (Aqua 150CC) designed by our marine engineers. The advantages of the Surftek motorized surfboard is its portability, durability, efficiency, economy, and power. It is equipped with Surfteks patented single cylinder, water-cooled, 4-stroke engine, and electronic injection ignition system, that will allow you to enjoy your surfing. It’s not a jet-ski, and it’s not a traditional surfboard. So, It is the combination of technology and the desire to surf. No more waiting for that next wave before you get knocked off your board because now you can finally surf like the pros without being chased by sharks. If you have ever wanted to enjoy high speed over water. Where big waves are hard to come by from cruising over the water surface, for the most adventurous ones to the most extreme performances for adrenaline fans, we have designed several boards and propulsion systems customers can choose from. You can now ride the waves all year round in an environmentally friendly way to ride rivers and ocean fronts. Buy now The best jet surfboard and best-powered aqua surfboard.


Engine Type: 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Water Cooled (inboard jet drive)
Engine Disp: 149 ml
Max Power: 10 H/P
Hull: Carbon Fiber
Max Torque : 2.5Nm-7000Rpm
Start: Electric Start-Efi
Max Speed : 50 km/h-31 M/L
Max Surfer Load : 110kg / 242Lb
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6L
Net Weight: 70Kg

Aquasurf In The Box:
1 x 150cc Jet Surfboard
2 x Fins
1 x Tool Kit
1 x Kill Cord Leash


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