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Aries ETV

Gear up for the most thrilling and adventurous off-road excursions with this cutting-edge Aries ETV. Featuring an all-wheel, all-terrain drive, the Aries ETV is an ideal choice for your next off-road expedition. The off-road Aries ETV brings comfortable driving, fast speed, and exceptional stability on all-terrains in a single package. Spend your weekend doing something adventurous and equally memorable
with this present-age Aries ETV.

Dare to Be Adventurous

Aries ETV packs an action-stimulating 230 V Li-ion battery and 2 pairs of brushless motors capable of generating an astounding power of 1500 W and 6000 W respectively. Break the monotony and reach the zenith of audacious expeditions with this four-wheel, four-disc brake supported all-terrain electric Aries ETV.

Get, Set, Go! 

The Aries ETV features a 3-layered, high-strength welded coating on the front chassis, which is ideal to withstand chips and bumps without posing threat to the passenger’s safety. What’s even more exciting is that the Aries ETV brings an exclusive combination of high-quality sponge and leather seats to ensure passenger comfort on challenging terrains. Flash your audience by turning on the front lights, rear lights, and brake lights on your next racing expedition. The ETV has an electric horn to alert anyone
in your way.

Spectacular Range and Fast Speed

The Aries ETV can reach a max speed of 50 km/h and has a battery range of 70-80kms. You can fully charge the battery in 5-6 hours, after which the sports bike is all set to take you swooning with the with no matter what type of terrain you are driving on. Experience smoother rides on challenging tracks – all thanks to its MacPherson aluminum alloy, independent suspension, and 10-inch aluminum-alloy wheels.

Good For The Environment
The Aries ETV is a fully electric adventure sports vehicle and it does not require gas to keep running on all types of terrains. Go for an eco-friendly sports vehicle and let the fun begin without putting nature in danger. Enjoy more savings and experience the best of the adventure vehicle world with this spectacular
Aries ETV.

Tech Specs:

Brand:                                      Surftek

Controller:                               Kelly 60V / 300A

Battery:                                   Samsung 60V / 60A Lithium

Charger:                                  Input 230/50HZ   / 110V / 50 HZ

Charge Time:                          5-6 Hours

Rider Capacity:                        1

Max Speed:                             50-60 Km/h – 31-37 Mph

Max Range:                               80 Km – 50 Mi

Braking Distance:                    3 Metres – Four Wheel Disc Brakes

Climb Radius:                          45

Gross Weight:                         320 Lbs

Max Rider Weight:                  440 Lbs

Lights:                                      Front and Rear, Brake, Turning, and Horn

Drive System:                          Four Wheel Drive

Suspension:                             Macpherson Independent Suspension

Tyres:                                      Kenda Tubeless 21cmx7cmx10cm