Jet Surfboard STSX for those who crave a more extreme and racing type style of ride. so, Surfskatefly would like to introduce the STSX powered jet surfboard 2021. Combined with Surftek’s extremely efficient and innovative engine, and being made as well designed in Canada from only the highest aircraft-grade materials, So, it is easy to see why Surftek has Powered Surfboards beat out the competition, they have rated the No, 1 best-powered surfboards worldwide. Therefore, Its lightweight design makes it highly portable. therefore, it’s technologically advanced Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI) ensures that you’ll be “Creating Your Waves” on anything from big swells to slicing through the calmer waters of lakes and rivers.

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Body: Carbon Fibre -Scratch Resistant Fibre Coating
Specs: Engine: 2 Stroke Water Cooled
Disp:                 110 cc
Power Out:       9.9kw/7500 rpm (operational up to 7800 rpm)
Max Speed:      65km/hr
Compression Ratio:  13.1
Starter:      Electronic
Premium Unleaded
 Ratio: 30.1
Tank Capacity: 3.0L
Oil: Racing 2T
Max Load: 105kg
Board Weight: 17kg
Included Are: Carry Case Back Pack (Check-In Any Airline)
Tool Kit
Surfboard Stand
Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Jet Surfboard STSX

  1. Surfer580

    im an avid surfer and this board was way beyond my expectations, it is fast and super fun, service was super helpful and delivery came on time,
    I even got a case for my board so i can just carry it on my back when im done.
    Definitely worth the price, its super slick and goes through the water with ease and no resistance, i love it
    Keep up the good work Surfskatefly

  2. Jacob S

    Im happy with the board, as well as the deal i got from the company. Was looking for a fast and fun board to ride on the lake, 10min from my house and its absolutely incredible.
    Staff was friendly and they know their stuff regarding the Jet surfboards mechanics.
    A very good buy!

  3. Jade22

    Was conflicted at first, but as soon as my friends showed up with theirs, i just had to buy it!
    Its Agile on the lake, super fast too and loads of fun.
    Love the fact that its an electric board cause i am a little bit of an environmentalist myself.
    Thanks surfskatefly! Im super happy with my board!

  4. Kenny da Silva

    Ordered the stsx during the covid 19 period , took a little longer for delivery , it was worth waiting for , very smooth and powerful , and the stsx is cheaper than anyone on the market , with high quality components . I have done 2 months of research before choosing the stsx . Happy with my purchase .

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