QuadTron E-Skateboard

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Quadtron Electric Skate Board


Gear up for a soul-chilling skateboarding experience with this rad electric powered, all-terrain, 4×4 Quadtron Skateboard. From its remote-controlled speed tracking and smart braking system to its motorized electric technology and Canadian Maple Wood deck, the Quadtron Electric Skateboard is all about introducing you to a whole new world of thrilling movements and smooth wheel shifts on your upcoming skating adventures. Experience smoother rides and ungodly speeds – thanks to its spring suspension system and integrated cruise control designed to turn your wildest skateboarding fantasies into reality!

Take Control From Anywhere

Take charge of your skateboarding speed conveniently with the help of an automated wireless speed sensing 2.4G Digital Smart Display remote control system. Stay on your toes or lose control with confidence as the Quadtron Electric powered skateboard comes fully integrated with a cutting-edge cruise control features. The uncompromising remote speed sensing technology and motorized wheels ensure that you touch the zenith of free motion without losing control of your skateboard.

Unleash Your Skater’s Spirit

It is time to break free from the monotony as you step foot on this beast of a skateboard. While your friends are busy with the cliché skateboards, grab your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and compliment your skateboarding skills with this electric-powered, 4×4 skateboard integrated with a 2600 W motor on every wheel. Enjoy smooth shifts from 4-wheel motion to 2-wheel riding action with this unique, stability-enhanced skateboard.

Made to Last On All Terrains

Whether you want to practice in your neighborhood skateboarding park or set out on a bold skateboarding adventure on mountains, the Quadtron will deliver a smooth ride on every terrain. The skateboard features durable rubber, all-terrain tires which complemented with a 60 degrees climbing angle to let you reach the height of the skateboarding rush at any time!

Wicked Fast Speeds, Smooth Ride

The Quadtron Electric Skateboard offers an impressive range of up to 40 km at every full charge of Samsung Lithium-Ion Batteries. Reach ruthless speed limits as high as 31 mph on any terrain type and turn heads wherever you go by flashing the stylish spotlights and LED Strip Lights at the spectators. What’s even more exciting is that the skateboard is integrated with a spring suspension system to ensure comfortable rides.


Tech Specs:
Canadian Maple Wood
2600Watt Motor Per Wheel
Top Speed 50km/h  /  31Mph
Range Per Charge: 35-40 km
Charge Time: 6h Smart Charger Incl
Max Rider Weight: 150 kg / 330Lbs
Samsung Lithium Battery: 36v / 24A
Weight Of Board: 27 KG / 60Lbs
Rubber All Terrain Tires
Climb Angle: 60 Degrees
Wireless Remote Control 2.4G Digital Smart Display
Suitable For All Terrain
Spot Lights And Led Strip Lights Incl
Made In Canada

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for QuadTron E-Skateboard

  1. Cameron

    Super cool, and wicked fast too, highly recommend this product!
    All the way from South Africa

  2. Armando

    Hi everyone!!! FUN does not begin to describe this electric skate board. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I bought this in January 2020 after the boat show in Toronto and it has become my first choice of transportation when going out zipping around town. The acceleration is powerfully quick. There is no hesitation when going up a steep incline. I’s nimble around corners and people. I have never had so much enjoyment with any of my other toys ( and I have plenty of them- Harley’s to ATV and boats). Best part-no insurance, no maintenance. It’s liberating. FYI, I’m a contractor and 63 years old. (I won’t grow up) I now go to some job sites with this board. I can’t say enough about this product!!! Taking it to the cottage this summer- can’t wait –
    I will be posting Videos soon!

  3. SurferKid360

    Great experience, definitely worth the price!

    Moves by the slight touch of the remote, absolutely love it!!!
    Amazing wheels for the roads and the grip gives me that control that i want when using the QuadTron!
    Will definitely be attaching my go-pro to this bad boy and get some footage of my rides and tricks!

  4. Jarrod

    Great Board,
    Phoned staff to inform me more about the Quadtron, they were friendly, relaxed and extremely helpful.

    The Quadtron itself is awesome, takes me from A to B, i live and work in the city so the board is extremely efficient as i use it to work and back home.
    Keep up the good work Surfskatefly, cant wait to see what you guys come up with next!

  5. Yusuf

    Absolutely love the board!
    Friend of mine showed me clips of it and i just had to buy one for myself,
    its fast, its efficient and definitely worth every penny!
    Love the design as well as the wheels, i can go off-road with it and i do so with ease!
    Well done Surfskatefly

  6. Candice

    Skater-mom here, the board makes everything so easy, while the kids are on their bicycles i can easily keep up with them, without having to worry how far ahead they have gotten from me, i am the one ahead now haha. Definitely getting one for my husband
    Really nice design and the battery lasts really long for the amount of miles i ride it with.

  7. Tyler

    Great Board

  8. Jaden

    Awesome design and wicked fast

  9. funky5000

    Dude this board is so damn good!
    Im a student from Electoral Area A in Vancouver, and having this baby just makes my rides to campus even easier.
    Not only is the style radical, the wheels, the shocks and just the board itself gives you the impression that its fast, and my God it is, its all terrain too so riding off road isnt even a problem.
    So happy with this buy!
    Thanks Surfskatefly

  10. Jack J

    The Quad Tron is definitely something else. virtually a monster wheels. solid heavy build quality. high torque and lots of fun. the only problem was that delivery took long, surf skate fly says COVID 19 has slowed down all production and transportation services. definitely worth the wait.

  11. Trevor

    Had it a few months. I love it.

    The company cares and I have had a great communication experience with them.
    More power than I can handle. Top speed and torque are Ludacris
    Very smooth comfortable ride. Rides over any pot hole at speed with no problems. No vibrations compared to my other eboard.
    Long range. More than the listed expectations for range riden at 15 mph on smooth terrain. Heavy off road use still has better than expected range.
    Heavy duty quality build!
    The lights are great. Super bright and all sides.

    Open sides on the motors. All that power makes a lot of heat so I guess open hub was the design decision. I guess just use compressed air to blow out dust after each ride?
    I would have been more concerned about it but the company and owners have been so great about everything else I am less concerned. So definitely keep away from standing water.

    Hands down my favorite toy. If you are brave its faster than a bike but only slightly less bulky. It does great on and off road.

    10/10 Would buy again!

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