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Take Your Skateboard Craze Out On the Streets or Off road – Introducing an Exclusive Remote Powered Skateboard


Hop on it; give it a push with one leg, and you are off to a ride.

Skateboard is a device that people use in sports, along with being a mode of transportation.

The action and thrill that comes with skateboarding are unmatched, and even though the culture of skateboarding is at an all-time low, innovation is changing the game.

What Is New?

Skateboards have evolved. You don’t need to ride them manually now.

Thanks to the technological advances, you can now glide on streets with the help of Remote Controlled Skateboards.

Skateboards today are not plain. You can charge them and travel for several kilometers, uninterrupted. Sure, that sounds like a Mini Tesla now.

If you are a beginner and want to get started with skateboarding, then Quadtron Electric Skateboard is undoubtedly the skateboard for you.

Quadtron Electric Skateboard

When it comes to a Quadtron electric skateboard, certain factors separate this beauty from other clichéd skateboards.

These things are:


Quadtron offers speed levels that you can control. Whether you are out on the street or just having fun with your friends, a maximum of 31 mph speed of Quadtron makes it easy for you to ride smoothly, without any fear. You can travel up to 50 km/hr on this new generation smart skateboard.

2-Charging Power

We all hate gadgets that take extra charging time and don’t even last for an hour. While other remote-controlled skateboards take up to 8 hours of charging time, Quadtron electric skateboard takes only 6 hours of charging. Another fun fact is that you can travel for more than 30 kilometers on a fully charged battery. Even if you are using this skateboard for transportation purposes, this amount of coverage per one charge will last for days.


Quadtron has four wheels or support. Beginner’s fear that they will fall and hurt themselves on skateboards is a myth when it comes to Quadtron. Sure, you will need some practice at the start, but once you get the hang of it, the rest will automatically follow. Another fun fact: Quadtron Electric Skateboard supports up to 330 lbs of weight, and that is amazing.

4-Material and Design

The material of the skateboard should be of top-notch quality, and the design should be aesthetically pleasing. Good for you, Quadtron offers both. The jet black design with LED Strip lights is classy and modern. The board is of Canadian maple wood, will rubber wheels. It is beyond a doubt that the overall material and designing in on point.


Quadtron Electric Skateboard offers everything and more, what one expects from an electric skateboard. You can ride this skateboard on all kinds of surfaces. It is definitely worth a view.

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