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The Quad-Tron AWD Electric Skateboard by Surf Skate Fly

Normal electric skateboards provided adrenaline junkies with new frontiers to conquer but restricted thrill-seekers on pavements and sleek roads, which limited the level of adventure. To address this limitation, innovative companies like Surf Skate Fly decided to take e-skateboards to the next level by delivering all-terrain electric skateboards. The latest all-terrain e-skate in the market is the Quad-Tron AWD electric skateboard by Surf Skate Fly.

Quad-Tron AWD Electric Skateboard

What Makes the Quad-Tron AWD Electric Skateboard so Unique?

As an all-terrain electric skateboard, Surf-Skate Fly designed the Quad-Tron to push the limit on speed, stability, power, and control, making it the world’s most advanced electric skateboard for all-terrain. With the introduction of Quad-Tron, thrill-seekers and adventurous souls can access limitless adventure far beyond the tarmac and pavements. If kicking up some dirt at super speeds with the fresh air whipping your face is the kind of thrill you’re aching for, Quad-Tron was made with you in mind. From wheels to bearings, suspension system, motor power, and remote control, all these moving parts and technologies come together seamlessly in Quad-Tron to deliver the highest level of thrill and adventure you’re seeking. Now you have an opportunity for limitless adventure without the worry of running out of road. This is why Quad-Tron is unique and superior to other options in the market.

Quad-Tron Strikes the Perfect Balance to Deliver Legendary Adventure

When it comes to all-terrain adventure, you need all the parts of your electric skateboard to contribute fully. You need speed, stability, and control for you to take all the turns and sharp corners in rough terrain at alarming speeds without losing your balance. In terms of speed, you need an electric skateboard with perfectly sized wheels, impeccably designed bearings, and a powerful motor to quench your thrill desires. The wheel size of Quad-Tron is 200×50 MM, making it one of the largest in the all-terrain electric skateboard market. It is designed with advanced 4x74mm brushless planetary gear motor that pushes on the limits of speed. With the large wheel size, advanced bearing system, and ultra-high power and torque gear motor, Quad-Tron can attain a top speed of 50km/h (31mph).

Stability is of uttermost importance when you’re flying at 31mph across rugged terrain. Your safety, as well as the level of thrill, relies on having a stable e-board under your feet. So, how does Quad-Tron deliver on stability? For starters, this all-terrain electric skateboard is fitted with state of the art spring suspension system that provides the highest level of stability and a comfortable, smooth ride. With the level 5 shock absorption effect, Quad-Tron electric skateboard is undeniably ahead of the competition. For control, your adventure will benefit from an automated wireless remote control. Quad-Tron’s control system is designed with a smart electric braking system and smart speed-monitoring technology using remote sensors. Unlike other alternatives, Quad-Tron all-wheel-drive electric skateboard allows you to switch instantly from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive with a single flick. Sometimes, you need your all-wheel-drive electric skateboard to take care of everything for you to have a great time. To this end, this motorized skateboard allows you to exploit its cruise control system and just focus on the ride. The seamless coming together of all these ingredients of a memorable and legendary adventure makes Quad-Tron a must-have if you seek to limitless all-terrain thrill and adventure.

While offering limitless thrill and adventure in all-terrain is important, you also need a long-lasting battery, strong deck, and practical accessories for you to have a good time. Quad-Tron is made from aircraft-grade materials and double drop 9 ply maple wood that supports up to 330 lbs. (150 kg). It has a powerful battery of 864W that offers up to 24 miles (38 km) uninterrupted adventure. You can recharge and get back to your thrills within 4 to 5 hrs. With Quad-Tron, you’re not limited by terrain or time of day since it can climb a grade of 45% to 60% and is fitted with front, rear, and under deck lights.


Why settle for inferior e-boards when you can have the best that delivers all the thrills you desire. Quad-Tron offers both on-road and off-road adventure for limitless all-terrain adventure. To learn more, visit

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